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How to live in London - Essay Example

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HOW TO LIVE IN LONDON By: Presented to: (Due date) Introduction London is known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, a fact which discourages many people to want to live there. The table below indicates typical prices in London as indicated in Expats Plaza (n.d.)…
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How to live in London
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Download file to see previous pages 86 per month  Zone 1-6 travel card in London   ?41 per week  Rent one bedroom flat (West/Central London)   ?800 -?1200per month  Rent one bedroom flat (other London areas)  ?600 - ?800 per month  Average electricity bill   ?20 - ?25 per month  Average gas bill  ?20 - ?30 per month  Buying the average house in London (2 to 3 bedrooms)  ?300,000 - ?400,000  Despite this London is also one of the most popular cities in the world and many people wish to have the chance to live there. Here are some simple steps to ensure that one Search for a house wisely Housing in London is ridiculously expensive, whether renting or buying. The prices vary with the closeness to the central London. It is advisable for one to rent a house rather than buy if he or she is to live in London for the first time. This allows one to compare and learn various neighbourhoods before committing to buy an apartment at a specific price. The decision of where to live should be based on the place of work or study. Generally one should try to balance the rent expenses with transport costs which are also high. To get a cheap house one should talk to friends already living there as well as search the internet, is a brilliant website to start with. One must insist on knowing the utilities covered in the rent; most utilities like electricity and water bills are usually not covered for in the rent. Reduce Transportation Costs Public transport in London tends to be more expensive than in other Europeans countries. Transport is, however, widely available, and one has many options to choose from ranging from underground networks, trains, bus and coaches, as well as taxi or minicabs. Underground network connects most part of London and is one of the most cost effective means of transport. For the convenience, it is advisable that the one gets an “Oyster Card” obtainable either on-line or from Underground ticket office. The card allows one to pre-charge money on the card and pay by touch on every journey. This pay as you go card also gives considerable discounts on the normal tariffs (the tariffs starts from ? 4.00) such that one can save as much as forty percent. Travelling by bus is especially cheap for students since most of them give discounts to students with travel cards. The Megabus, for instance, has tickets from as little as ? 1.00 (Expats Plaza, n.d.). If one wishes to save money and keep fit, then travelling by bicycle is the solution. Second-hand bicycles are quite inexpensive in London, and many people use them. This is why staying close to the place of work or study is advisable to save on travel expenses. Utilities and how to reduce Bills The utility market is largely competitive in London, and one has a choice of suppliers to choose from for various utilities. To get discounts on bills asked by most utility companies, it is advisable to make payment by direct debits from the bank. For gas and electricity, it is much cheaper to get dual deals, as opposed to buying each in single. One should also compare prices for the best deals through the consumer focus website “Energy Watch.” To cut down bills further it is better to use energy-saving bulbs. Water is another major utility commodity that one pays for and since there are many providers one should compare rates for the best deal. For telephone, internet and digital televisions services one should shop around for the operator offering a combined affordable bundle for the three services. Shopping The prices ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How to Live in London Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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