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Tell the audience about how the technologies transform the society from the three films below, which are Illusions (Julie Dash, - Term Paper Example

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Tell the audience about how the technologies transform the society from the three films below, which are Illusions (Julie Dash, USA, 1983, 34 min.), Sleep Dealer (Alex Rivera, USA, 2008, 90 min) and Papapapa (Alex Rivera, USA, 1995, 30 min). Technology is continuously evolving and bringing about changes in the society…
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Tell the audience about how the technologies transform the society from the three films below, which are Illusions (Julie Dash,
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Extract of sample "Tell the audience about how the technologies transform the society from the three films below, which are Illusions (Julie Dash,"

Download file to see previous pages Automobile, manufacturing, IT- all have evolved radically. Technology impacted the television and movie industry. Sound and Color effects in cinematography all has changed along with the time (Ogburn, 81). In this paper, the main focus lays on the development of technology and its impact on the movies, keeping sync with the society. Here the discussion is based on three different movies of three different times: Illusions-directed by Julie Dash of 1983, Papapapa directed by Alex Rivera of 1995 and Sleep Dealer directed by Alex Rivera of 2008. Analytic Filmmaking: In the modern world the concept of new digital video technologies are changing the way people are documenting, publishing, and consuming different ideas. According to the analysis of Germano, knowledge production is now increasingly associated with digital or visual modes of expression. In his view, a new way of imparting social science research and a new way of making nonfiction films may be described as analytic filmmaking. There is a clear difference between analytical and documentary films, whereas in the past the main focus used to be on the documentary films when people were more interested in political affairs. In modern age social and political films also have appeal to the intellect with considerable special effects and use of science and technologies. Technological innovation in moviemaking started with Julie Dash’s Illusions where the concept of voiceover (sound dubbing) was first represented in front of the audience (Germano, Abstract). The Movie Illusions: Transformation of Sounds: Illusions was one of the well known and award wining movie of Julie Dash. It was released in the year 1983. In this movie, the audience was first come across with the concept of sound effect –more precisely the use of technology in order to develop the sounds effect. According to Klotman, the movie Illusions was the first segment of Dash’s planned series about Black women in the United States. The movie has won award for Black American cinema society in the year 1985 and was also nominated for a award in the year 1988 for Art Direction as well.(Koltman, 193). According to the review of Dash, the movie Illusions follows the story of a fictitious production studio and two African-American women in the film industry: Ester Jeeter, a singer who lends her voice to a white actress, and Mignon Dupree, a studio executive who appears to be white. In this movie, Dash portrayed the struggles of these women to be recognized for who they are, especially in the white-dominated Hollywood studio of 1942. According to the review of Caughie, modern concept of sound engineering is being dominated by the concept of dubbing. In his word “Being heard but not seen offers possibilities for re-imagining ‘passing’ as other than erasure, invisibility, appropriation or blackface”.(Caughie, 97). The application of this concept was first demonstrated by Dash’s movie Illusions in the year 1983. According to his point of view, Illusions takes its subject matter from the common practice of having black women dub the voices of white singers performing jazz or blues songs. In the film, Esther Jeeters (Rosanne Katon), a black woman, is hired to fix the faulty soundtrack when the words sung by the white film star do not synchronize with her mouth movements. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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