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The Influence of Mass Media in Society - Research Paper Example

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How Do Reality Shows Affect our Perception of Reality Television has been known to have a mind altering effect on the way that people view life and its realities. It has the power to influence our psyche into creating an opinion that is based solely upon the slanted and bias claims that they make about life and how it should be led…
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The Influence of Mass Media in Society
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Download file to see previous pages The effect of television on the way that people perceive reality can be seen in its full clarity through the influence of reality shows in the daily loves of people. The Kardashians, The Beverly Hills Wives, Guiliana and Bill, these are all scripted programs that “depict” the “real life” of a celebrity in such a manner that what they are doing on-screen becomes gospel truth to the voyeuristic viewer. This paper will focus on how television, through reality shows, has managed to changed the way that people perceive the reality of their own lives. Using facts and other verifiable information from various websites, articles,books , and/or journals, this paper will do its best to explain the phenomenon of the reality show and how it manages to change the way people view how they should conduct their lives based upon the television images and “real life” situations that they see. Towards the end, this paper will make mention of “The Hunger Games” and how that particular movie helps to depict the evils of reality shows and how people sometimes, can no longer tell the truth between fiction and real life because of what television shows them. In order to best explain the phenomenon that has been created by the reality shows, one must first understand what a reality show is and what comprises the format. It is important for people to know that to call a reality show “unscripted” is a fallacy. According to David Rupel of the Writer's Guild of America reality shows do not have scripts but there are writers who “create formats, cast people based on character traits and edit scenes to tell a powerful, intriguing tale” (“How Reality TV works”). There are actually two types of reality shows, it either has (1) very little structure like The Kardashians, which means that the producer needs to sift through days worth of footage in order to develop a story line that the viewers will find intriguing and stick to watching. Or (2) it is a reality show that is heavy on the formatting side such as The Amazing Race wherein the situations are pre-determined and thus includes a sense of drama that is more engaging for the audience (Rupel, David “How Reality TV Works”). Because reality shows have nothing real happening within them, one cannot help but wonder as to how the producers of such shows manage to alter the perception of people about the reality of what they are watching and influence them into illiciting an emotion that connects them to the show. Rupel, gives us a perfect example of how television and reality shows manages to alter the viewers perception of reality. He explains: When I worked on Bug Juice(a show for Disney Channel about kids at summer camp), we faced a major problem with our big boy-girl love story. After weaving this storyline through nine episodes, we were caught flat-footed when our boy Connor had the nerve to dump his girl, Stephanie, off-camera! We had enough interview bites to explain what happened, but we needed a good visual to make it work... If you catch a rerun of the show, you will see a happy Stephanie obliviously bounce up to Connor, who solemnly takes her hand and leads her off, as his interview bite explains he needs to end things. With the help of a tender music cue, it turned out to be a touching and bittersweet end to our summer romance. The reality: Steph walked up to Connor, gushed about his Adidas ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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