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Theory Paper about the Enactment Theory of Mentoring-Kablfleisch - Essay Example

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Enactment Theory of Mentoring Instructor Date Introduction Communication is a process through which information passes from one person to the other. There are many forms of communication that people use to pass information, some of which are effective as opposed to others…
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Theory Paper about the Enactment Theory of Mentoring-Kablfleisch
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Extract of sample "Theory Paper about the Enactment Theory of Mentoring-Kablfleisch"

Download file to see previous pages It describes what the theory is about, what studies say about it, how it has been used in communication, and how people could utilize it in their lives. Summary The Enactment Theory of Mentoring is a communication theory that gives suggestions on how mentors and trainees in an organization can use strategic communication in developing a relationship between themselves (Kalbfleisch, 2007). The theory gives nine proposals that show how mentors and trainees ought to conduct themselves when trying to initiate, develop, and maintain relationships in an organization. The first proposal brought out in the theory shows that mentors can decline to become mentors to trainees during their first interactions (Grill, 2011). The second proposition shows a higher possibility of mentors turning down the request made by trainees of becoming their mentors. According to Kalbfleisch, mentors show more willingness to help trainees on a project than they agree to become their mentors. In the same way, mentors have a more likelihood of allowing trainees to help them in a project compared to their accepting to become the trainees’ mentors (Grill, 2011). The reason behind this, according to the theory is that there is no enough initial time for the mentor and the trainee to create a close relationship, and thus mentors turn down any formal requests for mentorship (Kalbfleisch, 2007). ...
The theory’s third proposition shows that mentors show interest in training new trainees when they have mentored others before (Kalbfleisch, 2007), as the fourth proposition shows trainees’ interest of being mentored by any more advanced individual regardless of the duration of their relationship. The fifth proposal shows trainees’ likelihood of accepting offers from more advanced individuals in the organization. These propositions show that in the early stages of communication relationships, trainees are more likely to accept mentorship when approached by a more advanced individual (Allen, 2007). This means that trainees will have to use most of their time building communication relationship with their mentors. The other propositions in the theory show communication efforts that mentors and trainees put to ensure their relationship (Kalbfleisch, 2007). The sixth proposition shows that a trainee shows more engagement in maintaining a communication relationship as opposed to the mentor more especially when the success of the trainee depends on the mentor. The theory argues that in the case where breaking a relationship with a mentor causes loss to trainees, the trainees do their best to ensure a maintained relationship with their mentor. The seventh proposition in this theory concerns the issue of gender in mentoring. It shows that female trainees in an organization are more likely to use communication strategies geared towards initiating, developing, and maintaining a relationship as opposed to male trainees (Grill, 2011). The ninth, which is the last proposition in the theory, suggests that mentors are likely to maintain communication strategies in a relationship that is likely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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