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Effect of Instructor Humour on Student Learning Name: Lecturer: Institution: Course: Date: Section 1: METHOD Based on the nature of the hypothesis that is being tested, the method that will be used to test the stated hypothesis is the use of a controlled experiment…
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Download file to see previous pages Lastly, experiments can be repeated for a number of times with different sample sizes until the expected outcome is achieved. Surveys on the other hand are not quite reliable since they will cost more while being repeated. Content analysis is best suited for social science studies that highly rely on research based on already existing literature. According to Babbie (2010), it is "the study of recorded human communications such as books, websites, paintings and laws”. Ethical considerations are also very essential while conducting a study. According to the APA (2002), five principles should be implemented by the researcher. These include: Participant should be informed of intellectual property (IP) rights. Researcher should follow informed – consent rules. Researcher should be professional. Researcher should practice confidentiality. Researcher should be capable of solving ethical dilemmas. Some of the limitations with regard to the experiment include human error. Section 2: SAMPLING The participants who will be sampled include students from the different levels in the college. The number of participants will be controlled to 40 participants. These participants will be randomly selected – A random sampling technique will be used. The population of interest is individuals aged from 18 to 37 years. In addition to that, there will be other secondary sources of information that will be used so as to support the evidence being studied. That is, the secondary resources will act as additional literature entries. It should be noted that having a controlled sample size is key in every study. This is in a bid to prevent the experiment from being extremely tedious, uncontrolled as well as preventing the use to too many resources. As a result, the sample size that has been selected will perfectly represent the targeted population. Limitations in the sample include: Type 2 errors, lack of statistical power, distribution inequalities and lack of significance. Section 3: KEY VARIABLES In this hypothesis testing, the variables under study include the age of the participants and the effect of instructor humour in student learning. The age of the participants: It is without doubt that humour has its effect on different age groups differently. For example younger people may find humour important in student learning as compared to elder people. As a result, this is a variable that is very crucial in this testing. Effect of instructor humour: This is another variable that is important in this study. It will be used to determine which age group fancies humour in the learning environment. Independent variable: An independent variable is that which can be changed in a study. Largely, any experiment must have an independent variable. With regard to the hypothesis being tested, the independent variable is the impact of humour in student learning. As a result, the humour could be projected by the instructor or not. Dependent variable: This is a variable that solemnly depends on the independent variable. As a result, these variables act as functions of the independent variable. With regard to the hypothesis being tested, the dependent variable is the age of the participants. In the experiment, the hypothesis will be: “The effects of instructor humour on student learning” Section 4: ANALYSIS The level of measurement is a representation of the different methods in which numbers can be used in an experiment. There are four major levels of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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