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Compare and contrast two forms of popular culture: the department store before the mid-twentieth century and the online shopping - Research Paper Example

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Instructor Date The Department Store Culture before mid-twentieth century and the Online Shopping at Amazon Today Culture is a very popular and common term which refers to the customs, ideas and social behavior of a group of people or society it involves all the arts of and their manifestations regarded in a collective way…
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Compare and contrast two forms of popular culture: the department store before the mid-twentieth century and the online shopping
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast two forms of popular culture: the department store before the mid-twentieth century and the online shopping"

Download file to see previous pages Introduction of the department store in the mid twentieth century was of great and important milestone to the economic world in the transformation of the trade and consumer culture. The rise in the department of stores as a culture was greatly attributed to changes that took place in the production sector of the world economy in Europe in which was characterized by large- scale production of large amount of goods which, consequently, need a more efficient type of markets. This change was quantitative in nature (Belisle 2011). The department stores offered a wide range of products in which the price was set and there was no bargaining. This culture involved regular product discount as a pricing competition strategy. Clients entering the store had no obligations to but to purchase the goods since mere looking around was not tolerated. The department stores, was middle class oriented as the elite relied on their own exclusives sources until the second half of the twentieth century (Tomka 2013). The middle class people especially the women were the main targeted audience during this time period. In countries like Japan, the employees and customers came into an agreement that the department stores were not only meant to sell goods or display merchandise but there were also suppose to promote the revival of learning and culture which includes entertainment and educational functions such as the sponsoring of the performing arts and attempting to support community crafts. The social role of the department store it that time period was meant to provide enlighten services and knowledge to the people within its vicinity (Bausch 2003). The today 21st century is based on a very popular type of culture well known has the Amazon online shopping. The rise of Amazon saw the fall of the department store as a popular culture. According to Bausch, Amazon online shopping is the world well know online best retailer which mainly dealt with the selling of books during its early days of development. It was formed in 1995 by Jeffrey P. Bezos and it came online in 1995 and it was originally known as Cadabra, Inc. Amazon is designed specifically for e-commerce. It is designed for searching products, purchasing the products, advertisement purposes among many other business activities. Today, Amazon has widely extended its selling options into a wide and larger market that involves the selling of any products that is presented to them by sellers. These products range from books, movies, music, games, electronics, toys, apparel, sports, and groceries, tools to general home and garden items (Belisle 2011). As a company that conducts business through the internet, Amazon conducts its business activities through a business –consumer (B2C) mode to do business whereby the sellers are the organizations and the buyers are individuals. It consists of a large number of buyers who make millions of transactions per day a small portion of sellers. Goods purchased under Amazon transaction system must be well processed and shipped in time to the purchaser (Tomka 2013). Amazon also uses a business to business (B2B) mode in transactions which involves sell-side and buy-side models. Under sell-side mode, the Amazon uses e-commerce to increase the sales, reduce selling, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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