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Ethical Principles In The Journalism Profession - Assignment Example

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The study "Ethical Principles In The Journalism Profession" presents a mission statement by elaborating ideas and objectives with regards to the responsibilities of a true professional journalist. It demonstrates an unconditional belief in the specific ethical and moral principles…
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Ethical Principles In The Journalism Profession
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Download file to see previous pages Journalism serves as one of the most important and noble professions, which is determined to provide the people with the latest information regarding the political, social, economic, cultural and strategic incidents and events taking place in various areas and regions of the globe at large (Macionis 130-31). One of the most important tasks before the journalists includes communicating of the swift and comprehensive updates about the news associated with the rulers, nations, public and cultures that may capture the consideration of the masses belonging to the pole-apart regions of the world. Hence, keeping the people updated with the fast-changing geopolitical and socioeconomic scenarios serves as the most fundamental objective in the eyes of the journalists. In simple terms, communicating the news of regional, social, national and international concerns, based on truth and validity as well as without having any fears of being persecuted, could rightly be stated to be the first and foremost obligation of the journalist community. Consequently, unveiling the criminal activities, social injustices, the prejudiced behavior of the influential groups and communities, and pointing out the social evils prevailing in a culture come under the list of the duties attributed to the profession of journalism. Part II—Strive for: Although the journalists are bound to render their services free from coercion and fear on the one side, and impartial from the ethnic, racial, regional, religious, gender-based and all other kinds of biased and prejudiced behavior; however, the same is not practiced in the real sense of the term in any area of the world (Harcup 138-39). Nevertheless, there always appear some selfless and dauntless people in every society, who unconditionally strive for social justice, equality and individual freedom with the ambitions of setting the masses free from the clutches of cruelties, slavery, and unfairness at any cost. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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