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Communications Studies - Analysis of the structural and cultural forces that shape a particular media artifact - Term Paper Example

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Communications Studies - Analysis of the Structural and Cultural Forces That Shape a Particular Media Artifact THESIS STATEMENT The paper intends to discuss the structural and the cultural forces of a media artifact i.e. Fruitvale Station, one of the most acclaimed movies in 2013…
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Communications Studies - Analysis of the structural and cultural forces that shape a particular media artifact
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Extract of sample "Communications Studies - Analysis of the structural and cultural forces that shape a particular media artifact"

Download file to see previous pages ‘Fruitvale Station’ represents an American drama, which released in the year 2013. Ryan Coogler is the director and the writer of this particular story. Oscar Grant, the protagonist of the story did not deserve to have died. This statement pertains to be the central message of the movie. The film primarily dramatized the real case scenario of a young black man, who was shot dead by a white police in the year 2009 at Fruitvale Station. "Racism – and anti-black racism in particular – is the belief that there's something wrong with black people” is the cultural belief portrayed in the movie (Amnesty International, “USA's Record on Racial Discrimination under Scrutiny”). Oscar Grant as a protagonist reflects three dimensional characteristics of a black male. This is the reason that it can be regarded as one of the rarest artifacts within the American culture. The plot states that Grant was on a train returning to Oakland. Subsequently, he indulged in fighting after encountering an enemy. Following this scenario, the police detained Grant at the Fruitvale Station and when Grant tried to confront the police regarding their abusive nature, one of them fired Grant on the back. This reflects the cultural dimension pertaining to racial discrimination. This movie conveys an apparent and uncalled for picture of racial discrimination in the United States. ...
In the age of 21st century as well, the non-US nationals have been treated harshly on the grounds of discrimination by the US military. Moreover, on the grounds of disparities, it has also been noted that healthcare access and voting rights among others are also affected by racial discrimination amidst blacks and whites. Therefore, Ryan Coogler, the director has clearly been able to show the picture of discrimination within the US through his movie. This particular movie depicts the still prevalent scenario of racism in the US culture especially within the system and psychology of the people (Amnesty International, “USA's Record on Racial Discrimination under Scrutiny”). According to critics, the killing of the African-American men as depicted in the movie i.e. ‘Fruitvale Station’ conveys the politics, law, violence and racism prevailing within the US. Furthermore, the movie as an artifact aimed to show the world the real picture related to class, masculinity and also the relation existing between various people. It has been very strongly proclaimed in the movie about a black man irrespective of being a common person or a President gets affected by the popular culture and the psychology being practiced in America (Brevet, “The Tragedy that Inspired Fruitvale Station”). Social along with economic gaps have been greatly visualized within the blacks and whites, which is imbedded in the US culture since ages. Correspondingly, it has been observed that despite the implementation of civil rights and discrimination laws, race-based injustice and disparities continue to persist within the societal system of the US. This movie also relates the apparent inequality being shown by the US military over the non-US ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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