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Cultural Policy Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: Cultural Policy Topic 2: Academic approaches to cultural policy Question (a) What ought to be the proper focus for cultural policy, the “arts”, “culture”, “national heritage” or the “creative industry”?…
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Cultural Policy
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Download file to see previous pages 64). It is remarkable that cultural policies should achieve set objective of society empowerment through avenues as employment provision. Social policies should equally promote the integration of diversity in cultures in the society. Cultural policies should promote equality among members of the society. All the objectives of most cultural policies are entangled in diverse focus points. Policymakers, therefore, should identify the challenge of formulating cultural policies that bring together. Promoting equality, for instance, would require focus on national heritage and culture. Achieving empowerment among the community members would call for focus on the creative industry. Attaining the objective of promoting cultural diversity in the society would require focus on arts. Since attaining all these is imperative, cultural policies should provide a framework of integration and promoting them. Policymakers should not single out the focus sectors, whether arts, national heritage, culture or creative industry. Instead, they should formulate cultural policies that ensure the attainment of benefits from all focus points. The case of UK cultural policy is an illustrative framework to integrate all focus areas (Lewis & Miller 2008, p. 7). The culture, media and sport department in the UK aims at improving the citizens’ quality of life through formulation of an inclusive cultural policy that addresses all the concerns and areas of focus. It targets to elevate the economy by promoting employment to citizens through its support to the creative industry. The department has an aim of making the UK an exciting destination for visitors and businessperson through the protection of culture and preserving national heritage (Great Britain, 2006, p. 184). This involves its support to preserving the national heritage as one of the vital areas. It encourages investments in cultures through funding pioneering projects through the support of forty-four agencies including public entities. Cultural policy is an approach to policymaking for promoting culture and art in the society (Craik, 2007, p. 42). Adopting an academic approach to cultural policy is an effective strategy to ensure their effectiveness in promoting culture and heritage. Legal frameworks that govern a society or country’s culture and art are vital components of cultural policy. Setting up institutions mandated to promote culture and art in a society or country is a vital aspect of cultural policy. Fostering cultural diversity in a country or society is an important role of the government and its policy formulation departments and agencies. Every country has its unique and diverse cultures that promote creativity. There are diverse approaches to cultural policy as adopted by different countries. It also provides for proper quality assurance in the management of culture and heritage. Policies should focus on guiding concepts of evaluation of the required standards. Evaluation is imperative in ensuring scrutiny for spending and quality in the deliverance of services to the public. Policies should promote the administration of culture. Reformist adjustments to cultural policy promote proper financing of culture to achieve social inclusion. Policies should aim at providing funding to failing organizations to enhance their potential. Policies should provide enhanced used of digital technology to in promoting cult ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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