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Safety Not Guaranteed - Movie Review Example

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Safety Not Guaranteed Name University Safety Not Guaranteed Directed by Colin Trevorrow, Safety Not Guaranteed is an American comedy film that takes its title from a classified advertisement in a newspaper in the film that mentions a supposedly time travelling person looking for someone to go back in time with him…
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Safety Not Guaranteed
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Download file to see previous pages After the Seattle Magazine’s editor Bridget screams on its staff for getting new ideas, Jeff springs up with an idea of writing an article about a queer advertisement that was posted in a newspaper. Bridget agrees and two interns including Darius and Arnau to work with Jeff in finding out about the advertisement poster. For this purpose the three of them go to a small town in order to look for the poster of the advertisement and Jeff is also determined to look for Liz. After watching out for the post office box, Darius and Arnau area able to identify the man who posted the advertisement – Kenneth, a queer man who has great interest in physics and quantum mechanics. Jeff goes to meet Kenneth at his house as a travelling partner but he is turned down. Jeff sends Darius thinking she is more suitable in piquing Kenneth’s interest. It happens that Darius and Kenneth soon bond and later, although it is not explicitly stated, Darius and Kenneth travel across time together. ...
Stage 2 occurs as Darius is able to interest him so that after she leaves her phone number on a soup can, Kenneth calls her. Darius pretends to have read the advertisement and have come as a travelling partner with Kenneth and when Kenneth calls Darius they both decide on a meeting spot to discuss about their “mission”. Kenneth believes that government agents are after him for discovering a way to travel back in time and so he is also a little suspicious of Darius. It happens that when Darius drives off to meet Kenneth, her car is being followed by people making Kenneth paranoid so that he cancels their meeting. At this point, Darius seems to have passed stage 3 of friendship and seems to be going towards a more romantic type of a relationship where the stage 1 has already been initiated with their meetings and interactions. Their next interaction occurs when the two decide to meet at a restaurant to discuss about their mission. The two have a friendly conversation although Kenneth seems not to want to disclose much information. Kenneth then feels a sudden instinct to reach out to his car but Darius stops and reassures him thereby enabling the building of trust. There is an intense increase in their communication and closeness as the two prepare for their mission running through woods, learning to shoot at the bottles, and learning to prevent getting caught by the government agencies. This allows Kenneth and Darius to bond so intensely that Darius starts loving Kenneth and this relationship goes to a new step of commitment as in the end it implicitly seems that Kenneth now lets go of his efforts to be with Belinda, Kenneth’s girlfriend, as he has Darius with him now who has travelled with him back ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Safety Not Guaranteed Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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