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Trust Agent - Book Report/Review Example

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Subject: Book Report/Review, Journalism, mass media and communication Date: Topic: Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust In your own words, what is a Trust Agent? Trust Agent is a new incarnation of the Public Relations Manager…
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Trust Agent
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Extract of sample "Trust Agent"

Download file to see previous pages They trust the individuals within the network and they know the process through which each individual has come to join the network. Thus a network of friends has been built without any restrictions of geographical boundaries and the friends can be anywhere and everywhere as far as the reach of the web. Its roots are extensive and intensive and the growth is stupendous. The ones reaching to gain such trust are called “Trust Agents.” Trust Agents use current web trappings to supper their influence quicker, broader and deeper than a classic company’s PR or marketing department might be adept in achieving, with added interest in people. We need to become one with them, identify the common interests and establish connections with them and reach out to their interests and connect them. A Trust Agent builds networks almost instinctively by being helpful, by stimulating the good work that others do, by sharing even their best stuff without hesitancy, and by finding ways to deliver even more value and on top of all that without asking for anything in return. Business establishments need to nurture their Trust Agents, some of whom will be under the control of the company, and some like freelancers. Trust Agents is all about using the web to draw inspiration, improve standing, and earn trust. Which concepts resonated with you most? Why? Chris Brogan and Julien Smith have really used their experience well to convey the basics of building community, employing social media tools and networking. The authors give the highest importance to their personal experience to articulate their viewpoints. They remind the reader about the basics and what is important. According to them, what you do is not important; how you do, what you do is more important. The “Six Characteristics of a Trust Agent” elucidated by them are significant. They emphasize the perceptions to implement their ideas for success. “Build an army” is the key component for success in the segment of community building. It is like creating a single window operations facility, as opportunities for collaboration from a number of resources is created. The wise saying goes ‘two heads are better than one.’ When a group of like-minded people join together to secure common outcome the results are bound to be favorable. An individual has limitations. A group has immense possibilities. The next step after amassing the army of like-minded people is to engage and support them and provide them with opportunities, which is the vital step in building the community. There is no question of building an idle community for the sake of statistics. The contents need to be fresh and bring exceptional perspective to the issues one contends with and this is the sure way to attract the audience and get them engaged. The next important message articulated by the authors is that the immediate task of an expert in the group needs to create an expert like him. It is important to support and create opportunities for others. Brogan led by example and when he was invited to speak at an occasion in Los Angeles, he was unable to fulfill it as he had some other engagement. He examined his network and referred the client to three other eligible professionals. The problem was solved and in the process Brogan earned tremendous goodwill. The gainer individual will remember it for lifelong and this is an authentic example of the “Archimedes Effect” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Trust Agent Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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