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The development of media sources between 1930-1999 - Essay Example

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The essay explores the development of media sources. As with much of the modern era, developments in media sources as well as the way in which marketing and advertisement take place have helped to craft a new identity for individuals living in the 20th century…
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The development of media sources between 1930-1999
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Extract of sample "The development of media sources between 1930-1999"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "The development of media sources between 1930-1999" concerns the media sources and fashion. It is the hope of this author that the following unit of analysis will be useful in helping the reader to come to a broader and more appreciable level of understanding concerning the way through which media sources transformed the world of women’s fashion during this period and how a sense of consciousness and fashion awareness was specifically cultivated as a means of marketing new products and styles to individuals around the globe. Firstly, it must be understood and appreciated that the 1930s was a period in time in which radio was coming into its own. Although developed in the late 19th century, by the 1930’s radio had come to be exhibited within society to very much the same level and extent to which television is exhibited within the society of today. However, although able to integrate a degree of advertising, radio was ultimately incapable of presenting any form of image to the listener. This is where mass marketing of stores such as Woolworth’s, Sears, and a number of other mail order or local outlet stores began to take shape. As a direct result of chain stores that were able to open offices within a given area and even send out advertisements and catalogues, a sense of uniformity was able to be developed and instituted within the minds of those who thought themselves to be conscious concerning female fashion. Individuals viewed themselves with the level and extent to internationalism....
Countless tens of thousands of traveled from one place to another in order to fight the Axis powers. Upon returning, a more metropolitan understanding of the world and the means through which fashion transcended culture was brought back. Although this is specifically with regards to man, these men with the ones who would go off to found and direct many of the firms and marketing agencies that would in turn seek to market specifically towards women’s fashions and women’s trends (Kozar, 2013). Similarly, the second world war further exists international scope and understanding; incorporating a litany of different cultures that would otherwise have taken many more decades to become globalized at their own speed and/or at their own pace. Thus far, the analysis has been concentric upon listing some of the cataclysmic and life altering situations that forced a further level of integration to the current world model. However, the fact of the matter is that the level of globalization, combined with the impacts of radio and/or the impact of mass marketing through print media represented only the nascent impacts that media could have upon seeking to integrate a broader and more international approach to women’s fashions (Alles, 2013). It was the invention and widespread use of the television that was what ultimately provided a mechanism and means of marketing for women’s fashion that accelerated the industry far beyond its wildest expectations. This was a unique dynamic for a number of reasons (Phillips & McQuarrie, 2009). The first reason has to do with the fact that television media was ultimately supported through sponsorship. Sponsorship took the form of advertisements which in turn allowed women’s fashion to directly be marketed to a massive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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