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Social Impact of new communication technology Name: Course: Instructor: University: Introduction The society has experienced an information revolution where the core aspect of the individual household, organizations and the society as a whole is going through a very key revolution…
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Social Impact
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Download file to see previous pages In this age of high and advanced technology, people have constantly come to interact with the media in every day of their lives (Farmer, 2001). People are now constantly being flooded with messages, thus the media has emerged as influential on the activities and thoughts of individuals and of the global society as a whole. Usually the message sent is in a variety of forms, including the currently popular short message service, and they are perpetuated by large corporations. Gender inequality: a social impact of new communication technologies Gender inequality is an important social impact that arises out of the use of new communication technology; it has regularly been observed that it increases with the increase in the latter. When one sex subordinates to then other one, then this is referred to as sexism, in most societies of the world female usually subordinate to the male. This not only leads to objectification of the females but also marginalization, as this happening, men increase their wealth, privilege, social power and opportunity. Advertisements on televisions and on the internet intensify the myth that the toys used by boys should be those that reflect power and authorities, girls’ toys are usually dolls only. ...
There are several theories developed by communication and journalism experts to analyze such perspectives, the analysis of the media, and gender inequality as a social impact of new communication technologies and tools. People are always in continuous battle over power and resources, this is the conflict theory. This theory gives the implied explanation for this increasing and blatant societal bias that is heavily influenced by the media. It is often stated that publishing and broadcasting companies are under the control of a small bunch of individuals; these companies only help to perpetuate only their interests and a few other biased views. This theory points out that unlike men, women do not hold privileged or influential positions of power; this naturally follows that women would be portrayed as naturally weak to so that men increase their control over the society. Conflict theory is further augmented by materialist theory in explaining gender inequality as brought about by new technologies in communication (Mooney, 2011). The theory offers a compelling justification of the increasing gender inequality, by using cross cultural information on the exact position of the male and female genders. They define gender inequality as a consequent of the way the society views and holds men and women in an economic structure. These theories offer control and distribution of important resources as critical data in giving out stratification. The roles of the female members of the society is often looked down upon notwithstanding their importance to their society, these are often devalued. Conventional media has stereotypically painted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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