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Project documentation, specifications and discussion - Essay Example

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Final Project Documentation For The improvement of the website of 1K Bride Dress Company Date: Developer: Table of Contents 1 Introduction………………………………………………………………….3 1.1 Methodology………………………….……………………….4 2 improvement measures in the website……………….…………………….5 2.1 content quality…………………………………………
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Project documentation, specifications and discussion
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Download file to see previous pages Introduction This project was started following revelations that the current website of 1K bride was lacking some important features while some features were added unnecessarily. These problems were identified mostly by the staff and interested customers. The problems included: Out-dated website: not compatible in some internet browser; ‘internet explorer’ Incomplete website: some categories are left with empty spaces Inconsistent photos: different sizes of photos Repeated information: too much words, too much explanation could cause confusion to clients rather than clarify. Inconvenient search: in need of adding ‘side bar’ function for easier, and accurate search of dresses No search engine services: very limited ways for clients in finding our website Having realized the prospects of a good website, the company endeavored to improve it for greater achievement. The website improvement started a month ago with the first step being the briefing of 1K National Online Campaigner to engage the proposed online developers. This was followed by a detailed discussion of the upcoming project. A benchmarking exercise, whereby there was a comparison between the existing 1K bride website and similar websites. The main objective of the benchmarking exercise was to determine the general users’ expectations and industry standards could be clearly defined. This paper therefore presents the final product of the project starting from identification of the website limitations to the mock-up website. The mock-up program in this report comprise of improvements that reflect the requirements of the company, the expectations of the clients and staff, standards within the industry and elements that are vital to intercultural communication. 1.1 Methodology The following method was the appropriate one in the quest for improving the 1K website. Analysis and benchmarking This is the initial stage of the project. It is all about benchmarking exercise to identify the requirements for website development and the ultimate results that ensured that expectations of the clients and the general users are met. Not only the expectations of the general users but even the goals and objectives of the company be met after the improvement of the website. Contemporary professional communication issues The stage focused on the identification and discussions of issues related to professional communication. In particular, the project discusses in details digital literacy and how if affects the development and improvement of the proposed 1K bride website. Implementation of the proposed changes The completion of the first and second steps resulted to the third step which is all about implementation of the necessary changes. In a more elaborate way, this step involves additional of some features to realize 1K Bride organizational goals, redesigning the structure and the content of the structure to meet the taste and preferences of the users, and the elimination of the words that does not promote ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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