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Assignment 9 - Essay Example

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One of the current battles that continues to rage not only within the industry but also within society is with regards to whether or not copyrights should be enforced and if so to what extent. As a means of informing such an understanding and analysis of this topic, this author visited the Recording Industry Association of America’s (RIAA) website as well as Piratbyran (a Swedish think tank that is committed to the idea of free information)…
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Assignment 9
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Download file to see previous pages Firstly, with regards to the RIAA, it comes as this prize that this group fundamentally reject any form of copyright infringement and/work piracy. The most obvious reason and rationale behind this is with regards fact that the that the RIAA represents a massive number of entities that derive their profitability the fact that individuals legally acquire the products and services that they offer. However, instead of directly discussing the level of financial harm that this does to the RIAA and its bottom line, the website promotes an understanding of the fact that the individual who engages in copyright infringement and/work piracy is directly hurting the individual artist at the very lowest levels of their organization. This commons as somewhat of a surprise due to the fact that the major record companies generally cell a new CD for approximately $15-$16. Of this $15-$16, the individual artist is only receiving approximately $1.60 per records sold. As can be seen, this 10% is negligible in terms of damages effected upon the artist himself/herself. This is of course not say that copyright infringement work high receipt has little to no effect upon the artist; however, it does help to underscore a level of understanding with regards to why the RIAA is so flagrantly and aggressively advocating the loss of profits that such a process entails. Comparatively, groups such as Piratbyran seek to promote a world in which a free flow of information is both possible and realized. Within groups such as Piraybyran, individuals believe that an alternative method of economics can readily exist that would help to connect the potential user directly to the artist thereby maximizing profitability for the one should be most rewarded and gutting the middleman out of the process entirely. Moreover, the rationale and logic of the particular position that such a group supports is with respect to an understanding that that in and of itself represents a situation in which a good is taken ceases to exist within the possession of the original holder. However, with regards to software piracy and copyright infringement, merely a copy is passed on to another individual with the primary good still being within control of the original holder; thereby signifying that no such that has taken place top Although both of these viewpoints represent reasonable approaches to the issue of copyright infringement in the way in which the world will continue to develop, it is the belief of this author that a middle ground necessarily exists. Seizing upon this middle ground, firms such as Apple and a litany of others have begun offering services such as iTunes which allow individual consumers to directly download content to their personal devices without being charged exorbitant fees they might be charged within a traditional brick and mortar store. In such a way, not only is the individual able to have access to electronic content with a mere click of the mouse, the artist is also able to derive a higher degree of profitability from their output as compared to traditional record releases that it defined so much of the past several decades. Finally, it must be understood that the moral high ground that the RIAA is seeking to take is something much less noble than it claims to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assignment 9 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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