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Individual portfolio( part 1. personal consumption journal 4TH MARCH 2013 -1ST APRIL 2013, part 2. Ten product list, part 3, Ad - Essay Example

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PART 1 Date ‘2014’ Brand name Price (?) Other descriptive information Reason for purchase Feelings associated with purchase Place of buying 4/03 Pot Noodle 11.63 These are fast-foods, commonly sold with packets of favoring. The precooked type can be eaten straight from the packets or re-cooked, but dried noodle must be cooked before eating…
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Individual portfolio( part 1. personal consumption journal 4TH MARCH 2013 -1ST APRIL 2013, part 2. Ten product list, part 3, Ad
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Download file to see previous pages It has a slight flicker that makes it stoutly attractive. The product comes in a variety of colours hence making it perfect for matching with a variety of outfits. As a beauty accessory The gorgeous looks makes me want to buy more and more Beautician shop 10/03 Budweiser light 1.62 A newly introduced brand of Budweiser, which was intended to have added flavor For leisure Not really satisfied because it lacks the expected “added” flavor considering it is a “select” Restaurant 11/03 Samsung Galaxy SIII 304.99 This Smartphone is the most human mobile ever, especially due to its phase recognition capability among other unique and smart features. . For communication and internet Very proud Electronics shop 12/03 Stanley knife 1.25 It is a very convenient knife which can serve many purposes and its price is relatively low For cutting vegetables and fruits Satisfied for having value for my money supermarket 14/03 portable media player 25.3 This product, which is manufactured by Apple Inc., is presumed to be of superior quality but relatively expensive. Its brand is so strong that it is used by many including the media to as a general term to refer to all portable media players For listening music when travelling Although I spent more money than I could spend in other brands, I feel satisfied because I presume the product as of superior quality. Electronic shopping mall 14/03 Inspirational book 11.23 Contains Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Day For inspirational reading So inspired and satisfied online 15/03 Miller (lime) 1.98 This is a Miller product that was very successful on introduction For leisure Highly satisfied because I was able to get a taste in the lime flavored product, which was different from the regular Miller’s products. Restaurant 16/03 Paradise Open Petal Pendant 49.95 This necklace is stunningly cute, with petals that resemble the plumeria flower, set with a real diamond and designed from sterling silver. The item is relatively expensive but gives a classy feeling, besides a gorgeous looks that any flamboyant lady would not want to miss out. As a beauty accessory So exited online 19/03 Cotton swabs 0.63 This is a small wad of cotton, made of plastic. It is used for cleaning, besides other uses. For cleaning of ears I was happy because returned the value for my money since it is very cheap in comparison with a regular cleaner, and though its use is not very convenient. Open air market 20/03 Red Bull Energy Drink 1.68 This product stimulates performance, increases endurance, and increases concentration and performance. For staying alert and attentive, to increase performance Chilled and satisfied supermarket 20/03 Lace Side Detail Shell Top ? 60 The jacket has a lovely quality material and it is recommended for an official occasion. For attending official occasions I feel so proud when people give me compliments 21/03 non-opioid painkillers 0.99 This product can be bought over the counter to relieve a variety of common aches such as headache, back paid, fever and so on. There are so many brands that usually confuse the customers. To relieve a variety of aches Instant pain relive hence satisfied by the product Pharmacy 22/03 Aviance 10.59 This product is golden yellow, contains fragrances juices, with a variety of fragrances including ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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