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The Benefits And Criticisms Of The Market Theory Of News Production - Essay Example

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In this essay, the benefits as well as the criticisms of the market theory of news production will be discussed upon. With respect to this topic the role of Journalism, Mass media and communication will be addressed upon and its contribution to the overall news production will be determined…
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The Benefits And Criticisms Of The Market Theory Of News Production
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Extract of sample "The Benefits And Criticisms Of The Market Theory Of News Production"

Download file to see previous pages There may be numerous benefits of news production which may result in huge profits for the company as well as there may originate factors that the industry will have to take care upon for improving their operative functions. News production can generally be referred as the process of performing all the functions which are required to convert raw data into information and hence in printed form which are readable and audible to the audiences by way of newspapers, magazines, internet, television and radio among others. News is produced after the review of various literatures which are relevant to the topic of the news (Philip, 1975). In this similar context, Journalism is a process of collection of true, justifiable and factually based information in a precise manner which proves to be interesting for the readers along with publishing of those collected information in a timely manner for attracting mass audiences (Berry, 2008). Mass media is a process of catering to the audiences by way of different communication channels including newspapers, journals, radio, magazines and television among others. These sources of information intend to deliver information to the audiences in a timely basis. Mass media is also actively involved in the World Wide Web through which it delivers maximum knowledge and information to the audiences (Livesey, 2011). Mass media and communication are very closely interconnected to each other. As stated above, mass media are the channels or tools through which knowledge is transferred to the audiences. By adopting these channels the main criteria is to transfer and share useful information with the mass audiences. Thus, the transfer of knowledge and information to the public can be regarded as “Communication” in mass media (Colombo, 2004). The objective of this essay is to study the overall news production activities of the news industry with respect to the aspects of journalism, mass media and communication and its components. For the completion of this essay, the main priority would be laid upon the benefits that are derived from news production in the overall market as well as the challenges and the critics that the companies operating in the industry are facing which may prove to be a drawback for the industry. In details a study would be carried out about the specific benefits that the mass audiences get from the production and channelization of news and its various components (Panda & Swain, 2011). All those factors which are affecting the news production units will also be studied upon along with the problems faced by the mass media and communication channels while delivering their information to the audiences will be determined. A proper evaluation of the results will be made once a framework is designed about the benefits and criticalities of news production and its components in the overall market. By following this step, a detailed evaluation of pros and cons about the industry can be achieved which will provide a lot of clarity to the research. The essay intends to design a proper scenario about the current market standing of the industry (Curran & Gurevitch, 2000). Benefits and Criticisms of the Market Theory of News Production Benefits of the Market Theory of News Production News production is a widely used commercial aspect of marketing which caters to the users all over the world. It provides major ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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