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Media platforms and products Name Institution People tend to have different responses with regard to various media contents or information. The media is obliged to provide information, entertain and educate the society among other functions. This work will focus on some societal changes as a result of media contents…
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Platforms and Products
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Media platforms and products People tend to have different responses with regard to various media contents or information. The media is obliged to provide information, entertain and educate the society among other functions. This work will focus on some societal changes as a result of media contents. Television is one of the most common media platforms in the current generation. The platforms have evolved through various stages to the current states. Through television broadcasting channels, the society is always informed on current affairs with regards to sports, business world, politics and entertainment among other areas. One would simply say that the world would be ‘blind’ without such broadcasting channels. However, there are some negative effects of television contents to different social groups in the entire universe. The majority of current media companies do not adhere to certain national and international media regulations. The rampant technology advancements imply some changes in the society. Media personalities hardly put more emphasis on their career ethics so long as their audience is entertained or contented. Modern ladies in the media companies wear short and sex appealing uncomfortable dresses to keep the male audience attracted. This may be appealing to the younger generation unlike older adults who appreciate good morals. They regularly use the ‘F’ word to communicate with a specific group of the audience. Due to this, some international media broadcasting companies have lost their permits in nations with strict religious and cultural laws, more so in the Middle East nations. The human rights activists have strongly advocated for good media content or platform to the society. Several media oriented studies indicate that the current children are likely to grow an immoral society if some of the immoral and unethical elements in the media are not well dealt with. The greater issue is that the media personalities cannot be forced to dress in some decent manners because they have all the resources to spend on the latest or modern fashion. They may as well lose the public image or celebrity should they adopt the old fashioned or unappealing dress code. A lot has been done and is still being done to improve morals and ethics in the media industry, more so in the television platforms. Despite the social consequences of immoral media contents to the society, Media personalities are always the role models of the majority of society members, more so the youth who tend to put in practice all they watch or hear from the media platforms. Youths are likely to adopt the modern immoral dress mode from film actors and musicians among others. This attributes to some sort of cultural erosions as indicated in several media studies conducted in several regions of the world. Female television anchors are known to wear short skimpy dresses to be sexually appealing and attract more male viewers. This is common in both developed and developing nations, apart from Muslim nations, which are strictly on social and cultural values. Media personalities are also contracted by international fashion houses like the Hugo Boss, Armani and Gucci among others for advertisement purposes. Some of such attires are completely discouraging, more so to the old adults who always wish things to be done in their old fashioned ways. Media companies are also contracted by several regional and international companies to advertise various products. The element of truth or rather faithfulness should be greatly considered when informing the society on a certain new product in the global market. However, some media companies are always paid huge sums to provide wrong information with regard to a certain product to attract more customers. The media law is however clear when it comes to such allegations. A company is likely to lose its operating permit on misleading the society on the functions among other relevant information with regard to certain products. For instance, the advert may exclude some harmful or undesired features which the customers ought to consider when using that particular product. Several deaths have been reported in various parts of the world following wrong medicinal information by the media companies. Some politicians may also use their power and influence to cause the media houses mislead the society with regard to some election results among other political issues. Several civil wars have been sparked by the wrong information by media companies. However, it is important to differentiate fiction and actual media implications. Media regulations allow the use of some factious, unreal figures or images to pass some information. The fiction is to reduce tension and promote deeper understanding of some information. For instance the media personalities may be forced to use some figurative language when describing some societal issues like sex, abortion and violence among others (Wickham, 2007). This is meant for general viewing programs like news coverage, entertainment and film documentaries meant for all family members. Film or movie rating is very important in promoting media ethics in the society. The law requires that the film should clearly indicate the appropriate audience of that particular product with regard to age. This is categorized to general viewing, below and 18 yrs, above 21 years and below 16 years among other categories. Films should also clearly indicate whether it contains some ugly or immoral scenes that require parental guides to those below 16 or 18 years. Reference Wickham, P. (2007) Understanding television texts, London: BFI Publishing Read More
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Platforms and Products Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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