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Correlation between surfing culture, spirituality, and religion - Research Paper Example

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The study was carried out with a view to establish a correlation between surfing culture, spirituality, and religion. The three are important social phenomenon, which are difficult to be separated from each other. …
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Correlation between surfing culture, spirituality, and religion
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However, it is also practices in some specific lakes and rivers. There is therefore a correlations surfing and spirituality. Most surfers also state that they get a moment to connect with the Creator when they are at the ocean. Normally, surfers have to wait until waves begin flowing. It is at this moment that they get a chance to observe and marvel at the nature surrounding them. They enjoy the flora and fauna at the ocean and get to understand that they are a supernatural being that actually controls all these. This is also a time for introspection amongst many surfers. They get to connect with their inner being, including their role in the world. To them, creature are more than physical things, but also spiritual. However, it is not possible to talk about surfing and spirituality without mentioning media. The three parts of social cultures cannot be separated from each other. It is the media, which actually propagates the activity of surfing as well as religion. For instance, there are various electronic and print media, which have been involved in covering surfing activity. However, it is difficult for the media to report the surfers’ spiritual experiences. However, as it shall be demonstrated in the following research, many surfers who are interviewed indicate that they actually experience connection with supernatural being. Research question: Is there a relationship between media, surfing, and spirituality? Hypothesis In this researcher, the main hypothesis is that surfing is more than just an activity for entertainment. It has been used to draw surfers closer to their gods, as well as being able to find meaning in their lives. Through surfing, individuals are able to appreciate the fact that there is a supernatural being, which created all the wonders observed in the ocean. The researcher works under the assumption that there is a relationship between media and spirituality. Purpose of the study The study was carried out with a view to establish a correlation between surfing culture, spirituality, and religion. The three are important social phenomenon, which are difficult to be separated from each other. Media however, exists to complement the two activities. It allows the rest of the community members to appreciate the role of surfing in promoting spirituality. For instance, a number of films have been used to show the beauty of surfing. Several magazines have been published providing information about surfing and the experiences that the surfers go through. However, this study seeks to establish whether the assertion that the three cultural phenomenon are actually related. Literature review A research conducted by Moore (2011) indicates a correlation between spirituality and surfing. She carried a research entitled, ‘spiritual experience, and environmentalism.’ She focused her study on the surfing activities and scuba divers in New Zealand. In total, she had about 74 surfers and about 83 scuba divers. Her main aim was to establish whether there was any correlation between these water activities and spirituality. She had used the random sampling method to acquire a representative sample. According to her study, there was a close relationship between the two social cultures. Surfing, which is normally regarded as a profane activity has the potential to turn people towards sacredness. In this study for instance, about 70% of the interviewed members indicated that they had experienced some spiritual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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