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The effects of Putin's hegemony on lives of Russian citizens - Research Paper Example

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Name: Course: Professor: Date: ‘The effects of Putin's hegemony on lives of Russian citizens’ The word hegemony refers to leadership or predominant influence practiced by one nation over others, like in a confederation. Due to the association between hegemony and leadership, there is a need to define leadership meaning…
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The effects of Putins hegemony on lives of Russian citizens
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Download file to see previous pages Here, a gist and common knowledge will be put forth regarding each type of hegemony; moreover, each kind of hegemony can be implemented in the scenario of relations structured on power logic, multilateral relations and bilateral relations. In the scenario of hegemonic independence, Russia is not energetic as a prevailing regional leader. However, the country has the potential to perform such a role. Pronouncements of sovereignty and political assertions are the characteristics of loose hegemony and in a hierarchic system while Russia on top is not possible. However, there have been a few signs that a comparatively tight hierarchic core is enhancing in the parameters of post-Soviet loose hegemony. Russia is definitely the central leader within the parameters of tight hegemony, here, the associations of countries may influence other countries; moreover, internal decisions are also an influential factor. Several countries that are a segment of tight hegemony with Russia at extent displayed or exhibited their dynamic opposition towards Russian hegemony. Therefore, tight hegemony is associated to a few countries (Descalzi, pp. 193-194) Vladimir Putin has been the most controversial leader of Russia. There are several contradictory perceptions regarding his governing style, thought and practice. Furthermore, he has been one of the most popular leaders in Russian history despite potentially challenging obstacles. Several events and characteristics during his reign exhibit as possible barriers against his popularity. It has been counseled by the foreign critics that subjugation of free speech, civil society organizations, political pluralism and press freedom have taken back Russia from democratic transition. Similarly, cooling in relations with the West, unpopular social reforms, massively fatal national tragedies in Moscow and Beslan, and the never ending conflict in Chechnya are in the perspective of several western or outside observers and put an important stain on the image of Putin. However, none of these influenced his popularity rating negatively during his presidency period. His rating remains stable between 70 and 80% throughout his tenure, and in most part of his career he continues to stays superior, despite his defeat in the election and his rivals occupied his place in the office. There were many reasons for Putin’s popularity. Some accuse Putin to utilize state control over media for obtaining public support by saving and fortifying his public image on television. Television is the most popular media in Russia. Almost 85% Russians watch television for informative purpose. In Russia it was not a new thing to manipulate the media to portray a positive image of the president on television. At that time winning over the Russian population would be very difficult without generating a visible proof to underpin the genuineness of the image. (Mommsen and NuBberger,. pp. 52-53)Hegemony will be viewed in the current paper within the parameters of leadership and background of democratic and cultural impact; moreover, the character of a leader and its impact over its subjects or citizens will be observed briefly; furthermore, the overall discussion in this paper will examine Vladimir Putin the Russian president and his tenure’s impact on the lives of Russian people. The unexpected collapse of communist ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Effects of Putin'S Hegemony on Lives of Russian Citizens Research Paper.
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