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Running Head: Staff study format Staff study format Name Institution Date Staff study format Listing and describing the Course of Actions (COAs) The two articles selected in this case are ‘Biting back: Preventing repeat burglary and car crime in Huddersfield” by David Anderson and Ken Pease and “CCTV in three town centres in England” by Ben Brown (Clarke, 1997)…
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Staff Study Format
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Download file to see previous pages The two articles share a similar course of action (COA) which is simply to prevent the occurrence of further repeat crime in the said countries. The articles discuss different methodologies trough which such crimes can be curbed, controlled or even prevented. However, the two articles different course of action and method where one is the use of CCTV to prevent crime and the other one being the use of repeat victimization to prevent crime. Though different methodologies, the two articles have one main agenda which is to prevent crime. Identification of minimum criterion Crime control in the two towns is measured by a reduction in the number of reported crimes. Less is better effect is one of the minimum criterion applicable in this study. The article on “CCTV in three town centres in England” by Ben Brown is better in terms crime control than the article on ‘Biting back: Preventing repeat burglary and car crime in Huddersfield” by David Anderson and Ken Pease. Mounting CCTV cameras on the three cities works well in crime control than repeat victimization which is used as a standard approach to crime prevention across an entire police division. Whenever there are CCTV cameras, no crime will take place there, and this is one good way of reducing crime whether from repeat offenders or new offenders (Clarke, 1997). Using repeat victims by the police as a way of Preventing repeat burglary and car crime in Huddersfield only helps them to detect the hardened offenders as they only concentrate on the repeat crimes (Anderson and Pease1995). This leaves a loophole for more crimes from new offenders and this makes use of CCTV cameras more effective than the repeat victimization. More is better is also another criteria applicable in this case. Here, the article “Biting back: Preventing repeat burglary and car crime in Huddersfield” by David Anderson and Ken Pease are better than the article on “CCTV in three town centres in England” by Ben Brown. This is because the methodology used in this article involves many actions which makes the crime control method more effective. The inclusion of many actions makes the methodology more comprehensive than the one than only uses CCTV cameras. One can make a conclusion that the use of repeat victimization is more effective as it can be used to detect loopholes and the many causes of crime as opposed to the use of CCTV cameras which only prevents crime. Utility matrix Less is better is the criterion which best addresses the COA of crime control. The utility score will be based on the percentage change in the target crime (0 reduction is worst while 100% reduction is best). The utility for the matrix include learning zone, crime reduction programs, ideal and repeat crime. The crime control matrix Crime Crime Control In the two quadrants which are labeled learning zone and ideal, crime is low. In the learning zone, crime is high but crime control are low while in the ideal situation, special efforts have been put in place to control crime. In the learning zone, the police are trying to learn more on the crime from the repeat victims in order to determine how to prevent re-occurrence of crime. The ideal situation has reduced crime as the police has already put in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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