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Public Relations Society of America's ethical standards - Research Paper Example

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Name Professor Research Paper, Journalism, mass media and communication Date Public Relations Society of America's Ethical Standards Introduction Compliance to Public Relation Society of America’s ethical standards requires an individual to be a member of PRSA…
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Public Relations Society of Americas ethical standards
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, members of PRSA focus on serving the public, thereby taking obligations that involve operating ethically. In this case, this paper focuses on presenting brief history of PRSA’s ethical standards, their functions and effects on public relation professionals and profession. Moreover, this paper seeks to determine ways through which PRSA has strengthened and weakened certain professionals and agencies. Reputation acquired through affiliation to PRSA is valuable to members; in fact, it is highly dependent upon their ethical conduct (PRSA, Member, 1). In addition, these members focus on setting examples among themselves and other professionals by achieving excellent standards of performance, professionalism and ethical behaviors. Nevertheless, there are situations when emphasis to enforce Public Relation Society of America’s ethical standards has been ignored. In this case, this has led to decision by PRSA board of Directors to expel or bar some parties in the society from joining PRSA membership (PRSA, Member, 1). For instance, individuals who have been involved in sanctions from government agencies or convictions in courts due to issues concerning violating code of ethics become liable to expulsion from PRSA membership. Therefore, PRSA overview indicates that it focuses on prime obligation, which involves promotion of ethical practices among professions, organizations and professionals. History of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Public Relations Society of America commenced in 1950, whereby it was established through a desire to form student counterpart (Garcia, 3). After some time, this interest was diminished, though there were few professionals, who made efforts to rekindle PRSA. Besides, members of PRSA lost their interest on PRSA leading to a notion that discredited PRSA, through claims that it could not be taught. Nonetheless, the chairperson of PRSA’s Education Committee, who was called Howard Penn Hudson, decided to change people’s perception towards PRSA, in 1965 (Garcia, 3). In this case, he made effort to reestablishing initial affiliation with students through clubs, societies and fraternities. The process to rekindle PRSA began by invitation of six schools in 1965 by Ovid Davis, who was the president of PRSA (Garcia, 4). In fact, this invitation was aimed at gathering members together for that year’s National Conference in Denver. In 1967, the president of Division of the educators’ organization, Professor James Young decided to call Association for Education in Journalism (AEJ), thereby establishing his arguments that there was need for PRSA in processes of developing students with professional orientation (Garcia, 4). In fact, this effort was supported by groups of independent student, who did not have guidance to meet PRSA objectives. On the other hand, there where groups, which had a significant interest on the future of PRSA, and this led to establishment of Long Range Planning Committee of PRSA in 1967 (Garcia, 4). Moreover, during the following year, there was an establishment of PRSA chapters in nine schools, which offered courses in public relations, and this has led to developments such as establishment of PRSA’s ethical standards in the present days. Functions of PRSA Ethical Standards One of the significant functions of PRSA’s ethical standards is to apply public relations in order to pivot ethics among its practitioners or members. In future of professionals, who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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