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Dialogic Theory- Reference list Student inserts his/her name Institution’s name References Heath, R. (2000). A rhetorical perspective on the value of public relations: crossroads and pathways toward concurrence. Journal of Public Relations Research, 69-91…
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Download file to see previous pages New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum. McAllister-Spooner, S. M. (2009). Fulfilling the dialogic promise: A ten-year reflective survey on dialogic Internet principles. Public Relations Review, 320-322. This article begins with a discussion of the framework of dialogic communication using the world-wide-web provided by Kent and Taylor. The literature suggests that various studies have been conducted in order to analyze the use of dialogic communication in various websites. It goes on to state that even non-profit firms have applied this concept to their websites. However, the author critiques this by stating that dialogic tools were indeed very poorly applied in the development of these websites. The websites mentioned in this article provide only a basic level platform for interaction with users. They are user-friendly and useful in providing information but they fail to capitalize on the Internet’s ability to develop and sustain relationships between the corporation and the community. The research findings are also suggestive of the fact that forces pertaining to the corporation and its departments are inhibiting the utilization of the Internet’s interactive potential. The article relates to dialogic communication as it critiques the use of this concept by stating that its practical application is weak when it comes to the way some websites are designed. Thus, the use of web medium for reaching out to the public has not been capitalized on by corporations in a manner that would be engaging. The article concludes by offering recommendations in this regard by suggesting that face-to-face communication will remain an ideal platform for ensuring dialogic interaction. Also, dialogic communication is hampered by internal policies and inert forces such as organizational politics. Thus, developing effective public relations via the internet requires effective dialogic communication. Mifsud, M. L., & Johnson, S. D. (2000). Dialogic, dialectic, and rhetoric: Exploring human dialogue across the discipline. Southern Communication Journal , 91-104. Newcomb, H. M. (1984). On the dialogic aspects of mass communication. Critical Studies in Mass Communication, 34-50. Ryan, J., & Viete, R. (2009). Respectful interactions: learning with international students in the English-speaking academy. Teaching in Higher Education, 303-314. This paper describes the significance of dialogic or two-way human interactions in promoting English education to international students. It begins by stating that students who come from abroad to study in Australian educational institutions face cultural and linguistic issues which results in their getting disengaged from what is being taught in the classroom. The native-speaker phenomenon in English universities dissuades non-native speakers from effectively learning what is being taught. Owing to these cultural and linguistic differences, the method of teaching offered to such international students must be more interactive and engaging than that offered to native students. In this sense, the authors define the need for a more dialogic and engaging communication between the instructors and the international students. What is core to learning in Australian institutions is the diverse potential of learning that comes from a multi-cultural student body. Despite the accommodation of global aspects into the institutions’ curricula, foreign students repeatedly face deficiencies in their oral communication as well as the pressure to conform to the norms inherent in local bodies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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