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The Traditional Media Industries in Transition - Essay Example

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The Traditional Media Industries in Transition Name Institution The Traditional Media Industries in Transition Introduction Futurists once predicted a 21st century society where digital technology would replace traditional forms of media, movies, books, television, telephones, radio, music system letters and photographs (Miralles, 2009)…
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The Traditional Media Industries in Transition
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, digital era has led to the emergence of the Internet, which has made it possible for people to shop online without necessarily travelling to the shop. These are just but a few things that digital convergence has brought in the world today. This paper will explore the impacts of digital convergence and new media on the traditional NBC television network company. The paper will also analyze how NBC is changing the way it produces, distribute and exhibit its media products and re-inventing themselves to the media audience. Certainly, the rise of digital media platform in the recent past has put the traditional media industries in turmoil. This is because of the impacts that digital convergence and new media have had on the traditional media industry. The changes brought about by the digital convergence have caused a lot of unrest within the media sector, which has had to change their strategies in order to remain relevant in the industry. The major competing media sectors include newspaper publishers, radio, and TV broadcast, film, and video industries (Miralles, 2009). Traditional television broadcast companies are among the worst affected in this digital era (Dandawate, 2010). This is because digital convergence has changed a lot in the television sectors. ...
This is because digital signals portray quality pictures that can be seen with clarity, unlike the analogue signals that are not very clear (Zerdick et al., 2000). As a result, NBC had to change to the digital signal in order to attract more audiences to the channel. Digital signals also eliminated the use of external aerials, which were being used to tap signals, something that many audiences have lauded about the digital signal. One of the major contributions of the digital convergence that affects traditional television industries is the emergence of Digital Video Recorders (DVR). Reports indicate that the DVR usage in the U.S. is growing very fast. In this regard, a study shows that about 38.1% of U.S. home currently has the DVR (von Rimscha, 2007). However, its impact on the Television industries has been worrying. This is because traditional television companies like NBC used to depend heavily on TV advertising as a source of revenue (von Rimscha, 2007). Nevertheless, with the emergence of DVR kit, a majority of DVR users are skipping TV commercials. This is because the garget allows them users to follow commercial adverts on the garget. The reduction in the number of commercial viewers is thus reducing the value of TV commercials thereby reducing revenue. For instance, NBC reports that many of its commercial TV advertisers have reduced significantly since the emergence of DVR kit. The digital revolution has also contributed to the emergence of the Internet, which is today been used by many as a communication channel (Dandawate, 2010). In fact, report indicates that many Americans today have access to the interment either through their Internet-enabled phones ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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