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The impact of advertisements on customers - Research Paper Example

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Advertising is one of the most powerful tools through which a company can promote its products and inform the customers about the features of its products. This is a way through which a company can increase its sales by creating an impact on the minds of the customers. …
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The impact of advertisements on customers
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, the advertising done by any company should be planned and executed in an excellent way so as to affect the customers. Successful advertising can impact on customers psychologically, emotionally and rationally.
Advertisers have to pay a lot of attention to the way customers think and behave. They have to carefully study the impacts their advertising can have on customer`s minds. Their main focus is on the design of their advertising as that is the component affecting the decision making behavior of the customers. The main goal of advertising should be to attract as many customers as possible and also to analyze the affects that advertising can have on the minds of the customers (The positive effects of advertising, Web). The psychological effects of advertising are such that it arouses the customer`s wish to purchase the products. In the process of advertising, firstly, the customer`s attention is focused on the design of the advertising and the information being told through it. After that, the process of reasoning takes place during which the customer`s emotions are transferred into desires of actually acquiring the product. This desire of customers is then turned into an action when they actually purchase the product. An example of this psychological impact on customers is when a particular customer watches an advertisement of a product like a burger on television. This is the first stage during which the customer`s attention is focused on this burger and the different features or ingredients of this particular burger. In the second stage, the customer starts desiring the burger and wants to actually go out and buy this burger. During the last stage, the customer will go out and purchase this burger in order to fulfill his desire and wish. After consuming it, if it satisfies the customer then he will become a regular buyer and will keep buying it and if not then he will regret his decision, will not buy it again and will even tell others not to buy this burger in the future. Therefore, a company should make sure that its advertising successfully promotes the true features of its products and should not misguide the customers (The psychological impact of advertising, Web). Apart from the psychological impacts of advertising, there are a number of emotional impacts of advertising as well. Advertising can emotionally affect the attitudes and purchase decisions of customers. Researchers have proved that the emotional impacts of advertising can indirectly affect the memory of customers. Many advertisers today are trying to create emotional impacts on customers through their advertising strategies and lure them into buying the products in order to increase their sales. According to a theory, advertising can have three kinds of impacts on customers. Out of these three impacts, two are positive while one relates to a negative emotion. One of these emotional responses relates to the arousal stage of the psychological impact process and involves emotions such as joy, surprise, excitement etc. the other set of positive emotions include feelings of warmth, hope as well as care and gentleness. These emotions can together have an impact on the customer attitudes and intentions of purchase of all the customers. The impact that advertisers plan to have on customers is actually different from what customers feel and this is portrayed in their attitudes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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