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The growth of new media has changed the way media products are produced and consumed. Particularly, mobile phones, the Internet, - Essay Example

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Introduction The growth of new media has changed the way media products are produced and consumed, as mobile phones, the internet, and social networking media have increasingly become the default news channels for many urban Asians. This is the research topic that I expound in this essay with particular focus on its implications…
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The growth of new media has changed the way media products are produced and consumed. Particularly, mobile phones, the Internet,
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Extract of sample "The growth of new media has changed the way media products are produced and consumed. Particularly, mobile phones, the Internet,"

Download file to see previous pages To understand this further, I supplement my discussion with reference from combined cognitive behavioral theory in communication and mass media. In this essay, I will be discussing the importance of cognitive and behavioral approach in creating a successful message direct to the audience, which must have been the case Apple used in order to generate future substantial market share particularly in urban populations in Asia. In this paper, I am able to argue that the advancement of effective communication channel from the new media creates a successful integration of information, which makes cognitive and behavioral appeal so appealing and effective. Cognitive and Behavioral theory Cognitive and behavioral theories have their focus on psychology of individuals. Marketing products is remarkably about trying to understand customers’ behaviors, especially on their buying behaviors. These are all observable activities that marketers for many years considered important information prior to creating product or service offerings. These can all be measured or observed as behavioral psychology focuses on observable behaviors (Feldman, 2006). However, down deeper in understanding what are the things going on prior to a certain behavior, some experts believe that customers or people in general have internal mental processes, so this is the point of cognitive theory (Feldman, 2006). One therefore could not be able to understand the internal mental processes within a person, unless a certain behavior which is believed to be a certain output is observed. Marketers for many years have tried to understand the complex human behavior in order to integrate product or service offerings that have messages to make sense with its target audience when already out in the market. However, today, companies like Apple Incorporated have been trying to create a need for their product and service offerings for the belief that there must be something unconscious needs in everyone that require to be unleashed, which could only be realized when a person finally would come to consider seeing something to motivate such unconsciousness. Sigmund Freud believed that our behavior is motivated by the unconscious, a part of us that we are not actually aware (Feldman, 2006). Apple Incorporated in its goal to innovate possibilities tries to impress us with its fresh innovation. We can actually live without smartphones, but Apple is trying to reach such unconsciousness in us, by creating it to a point that we must live to a necessary luxury. Apple is therefore successful in creating a need for its product offerings, as its innovation has become one of the leading products out in the market today. Apple therefore has been successful in reaching the unconscious part in its prospective and target customers, in a way that could be proven from the actual behavior of consumers towards its product offerings, but this could be applicable in other parts of the world somewhere, for the mean time. In Asia, the potential market such as Indonesia and India are still price conscious and would be willing to invest in products that could satisfy such criterion, but it cannot be denied Apple has become a personal choice even if the price of its offerings was not comparable to other related products in its industry (Arakali and Master, 2012). In this case, I am trying to construct the idea ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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