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Paper Proposal: How African Americans are Portrayed in the Media - Essay Example

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Paper Proposal: How African Americans are portrayed in the Media Name: Instructor: Task: Date: What Image has been created on the African Americans? For my final project, I would like to analyze how media in the US has powerful forces in creating an image of particular groups or individuals…
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Paper Proposal: How African Americans are Portrayed in the Media
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Download file to see previous pages I will be analyzing the article says it loud written by robin and means which will be useful in making my discussion. This article provides information on the sincere feelings of the audience addressed by the media. Drawing explanations from the article will be relevant for the research. This text has illustrations ranging from gender based to film representation including the perception on the issue. Another article written by Gail et al in 2003 on gender race and class in media will make it more apparent that racial discrimination is evident in the media industry. It makes clear explanations concerning the effects and the reality on the issue of negative portrayal of Africa Americas in the media and class segregation as depicted by the media. All these will be analyzed to ascertain whether they are true or not. Similar reflections have been made by Janet's article with the title "media reception studies" that gives an explanation on how the media delivers information on odd mannerism as associated with African Americans. On the book, "mass media and the dynamics of American racial attitude," written by Kellstedt, an examination of Americas' racial attitude related to media over the last half a century. He gives an analysis of various racial policy references which evolved over the duration. According to Robin (2002), black men are usually depicted as drug dealers and users; they are brought out as thugs and associated with all manner of criminal activities. The black ladies are given an image of being lazy and promiscuous. They are also viewed to be poor and unable to support themselves. All these, courtesy of the televised media and other avenues of mass communication, have instilled fears on the same level of association since trust has been lost on either way. The white Americans on a general view perceive this to be true by believing the media as defined by selected cases aired through the same media as covered in the article. The criminal association with African Americans has been overlooked by the media. The image created is more of stereotyping than being realistic. To begin, it is not only the African Americans who commit all the serious offences, whites commit them too. According to Jean (2003), the only difference is that the media gives these two cases different approaches making the African America's so bold on the minds of the American population. Whites, on the other hand, tend to overemphasize the cases as being performed the African Americans more than the white Americans. The question will be, is the portrayal realism or stereotypes? There has been some change in the recent past especially on the portrayal of the roles played by African Americans in the movies. News editors and producers have taken these concerns seriously on the wake of recent events so as to improve the image of the African Americans. Blacks in music and other sectors have been brought out as champions hence building their image both nationally and internationally. Considering these, i would quest to ascertain, has there been a change in the image? The question, are there set action plans on solving the problem? Will be of importance considering the fact that most of the negative acts portrayed by the media are true, African Americans should take an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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