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The Colbert Show, Culture and Politics - Essay Example

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An author of an essay "The Colbert Show, Culture and Politics" reports that they promote political reformation by encouraging critical thinking. Significantly, the comedy show has gained global popularity due to its entertainment and political commentaries…
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The Colbert Show, Culture and Politics
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Extract of sample "The Colbert Show, Culture and Politics"

Download file to see previous pages Research by Amarasingam revealed that, numerous television programs follow the same format in reviewing top news stories as well as analyzing politicians and the media through satires (15).Symbolically, my document explores the effects of the Colbert show in today’s culture. In addition, the document highlights numerous ways in which the elite have used the show to sway people towards varied opinions and its impact on the views. Research by Schiller has postulated that, the Colbert show has profoundly influenced on people’s culture (Schiller 15). It asserts that, the Colbert show play two critical roles in communication. Research by Amarasingam postulated that, the Colbert show transmits information by objectively reporting news hence transmitting information to the masses without including external viewpoints. Significantly, the show disseminates information in packaged formats across vast distances. Notably, the show employs numerous ritualistic viewpoints of communication in presenting its message. Accordingly, it places its communication in a cultural context. Particularly, it subjectively report news in numerous ways in order to portray its information. Consequently, the Colbert show integrates numerous cultural viewpoints in its reporting of news. Therefore, it creates an element of a community amongst its audience. Additionally, the show creates change on the value views of the audience. For instance, the cheering of the audience during the report on the segments illuminates the community’s feelings. In addition, due its excitable attitudes in is reporting, the show creates numerous feeling of passion hence causing deeper emotional connections with its reporting news events. Moreover, the show pushes limits on journalism and gives the audience a critical look on prevalent affairs in the society. Jones’ research revealed that, Colbert comedy has significantly influenced our daily culture (Jones 115). For instance, it has mobilized its viewers to participate in numerous activities such as voting; especially the time 100 online polls (Jones 117). Consequently, its impacts have significantly enhanced international markets. In response, numerous entrepreneurs have embraced the show for its intrinsic worth. It has also engaged its viewers in numerous projects that demonstrate figurative resistance and questioning the authorities. For instance, some people have created remixes of the Colbert’s show content, while others have propagated its neologisms. Moreover, numerous viewers have helped the Colbert in formulating new neologisms. Politically, the Colbert show has significantly altered numerous opinions of various people’s. Accordingly, various elite use it to sway the masses towards numerous opinions. For instance, its partisan message has profoundly influenced American politics. The Colbert support politicians regardless of their party allegiances. In addition, the character betrays his conservative ideologies for the sake of his personal achievements (Schiller, 21). Symbolically, he celebrated the victorious success of the Democrats during the 2006 elections. As an ultra-conservative, he should have been disappointed at the results, but instead, he celebrated. Significantly, this marks a turning point in American politics. Additionally, the show explores myriad ways on how people can restore sanity and fear. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Colbert Show, Culture and Politics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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