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Food District - Essay Example

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Food District In the olden days there the concept of hawker food was not common and the picture of a roving hawker was familiar in the neighborhood. The roving hawker used to clack a bamboo stick against a wooden wall or that of chant of mua chee man selling stick naughty candy would drive the children and their parents from the homes in order to satisfy their taste buds with their favorite snacks in the street…
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Food District
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Download file to see previous pages ries where its existence is very high and will be the central theme of discussion in the paper. Hawker centers in Singapore- Cost effective yet satisfying Hawker Centres are an outdoor version of food courts and the difference between two of them is that food courts are not air conditioned and the prices of the food in the hawker center is lower than the price of the foods in the food courts. But they both maintain standard hygienic rules and non smoking ban rule. The hawker center of Singapore offers multi ethnic cooking at its best. Whether it is a dish of noodles which costs around $ 3 or $ 20 for a three course meal of barbequed fish, chilli prawns and fried rice with vegetables the price is much lower than the restaurant. Apart from the cost effective food the atmosphere of the hawker provides a great reminder of city with its food crazy ambience. The celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain who stated about the street foods that, “I love the hawker centers. The whole style of casual eating here is sensational”(Local food and drinks in Singapore, 2012). Exploration into the Singapore hawker centers The system of ordering the meal in the hawker centers is unique. If the persons ordering be in a group then one person has to sit at a table to chope which means reserving seats for the party. It is also a fact that anybody might not get surprised if they see seats covered with bags or pockets of tissue paper placed on them. The sign indicates that the seats have been already reserved. The persons who notice the table numbers must be ordering their food and shall tell the stall owner the table number in which they will be seated. If a person is single then he or she can share a table with the strangers. One of the most popular hawker food centers in Singapore is China Town Food Street. The stalls in this area offer a wide array of Chinese favorites ranging from wonton noodles to that of roasted meals. The basement of area is highly famous for producing a market which is highly worth exploring. The area also includes live fish, poultry as well as all manners of Asian vegetables. One of the busiest stalls in the area is Xian restaurant. The stall is known for its magnificent mutton kebab cooked in Xi’an style with cumin and chilli powder. I have personally interviewed the customers of the place about the food and the consulted with the hawkers. The interview with the customers state that the flat cut noodles are so so. Interviews also reveal that the noodles are exceptionally long and are highly difficult in handling. Some people say that the roast rack of lambs is disappointing and the stir fried potatoes with green chillies are good but they are not exceptional. From the overall estimations of the interview process with the customers’ state that the place is famous for its honest cooking and the special mutton kebabs is the most unique extravaganza. The hawkers here are trying heart out in satisfying the taste ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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