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The Usage and Significance of Aliases in Online Journalism: A study of the Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper, Saudi Arabia - Dissertation Example

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Saudi Arabia is a conservative Islamic state. It is bound to remain so until further notice. The laws that limit press freedom and freedom of speech continues to subsist. This gives a strong case for the use of aliases and anonymous names to protect contributors. …
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The Usage and Significance of Aliases in Online Journalism: A study of the Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper, Saudi Arabia
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Extract of sample "The Usage and Significance of Aliases in Online Journalism: A study of the Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper, Saudi Arabia"

Download file to see previous pages This is because most traditional newspapers utilise the Internet to disseminate their information quickly and conveniently. This is done effectively through the use of social networking media and systems like Facebook and Twitter (Kuzma, 2010; Batkiewicz, 2011; Fuchs, 2011; Janssen, 2012). Most traditional newspapers have online newspapers which they run alongside the traditional papers that they sell. These online newspapers have the advantage of speed and convenience. This is because as the number of users of the Internet continues to increase, more and more people spend more time reading and accessing information online rather than the local newspaper shop. This means that press houses that roll out information online are more likely to get access to readers long before traditional newspapers are rolled out and distributed. Online newspapers produce real-time information for readers to access. Another feature of online newspapers lies in its interactive nature. In practice, most online newspapers can have columns which allows readers to share their views and opinions about topics after they read an article. Interactivity allows the newspapers to link issues to the problem of members in the wider society because it allows readers to air their views and opinions which can be used to enhance the social constructivism of the discussion at hand. On the other hand, this comes with some disadvantages as well. ...
Since the trend in maintaining online newspapers has become fashionable around the world and there is more evidence that more and more people will spend more time on the Internet in the future, it is worth examining this phenomenon further. Basically, there is the need for some kind of examination of current trends and the postulation of possibilities into the future. 1.1 Research Problem Saudi Arabia is a country with a strong internet reach and most discourses in the Kingdom are done in Arabic (Ramady, 2010), which gives almost all the citizens and residents the opportunity to participate in online forums and other interactive units of newspapers that are online. This means that there is a high potential for a wide range of views and opinions that can be shared on such platforms. Also, Saudi Arabia is a nation that maintains one of the strictest forms of Islamic law and compliance. Due to this, there are several laws which restrict certain types of information that are not acceptable in the Sunni traditions of the Kingdom (Ramady, 2010). Thus, there is the chance that most contributors who want to say things that might not be in compliance with the laws and norms of the Islamic laws of the Kingdom to do so with false names and aliases. This obviously prevents the repercussions and at the same time allows the person to air his or her views without being traced. This situation has to contrasting facades. From one angle, it can allow some people to take advantage of the freedoms and opportunities that online newspapers bring and allow them to say things that are quite provocative and inappropriate. This way, the online newspaper is likely to face ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Usage and Significance of Aliases in Online Journalism: A Study of Dissertation)
The Usage and Significance of Aliases in Online Journalism: A Study of Dissertation.
“The Usage and Significance of Aliases in Online Journalism: A Study of Dissertation”, n.d.
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