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Reflectivity & appearance - Research Paper Example

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Plastic surgery The word plastikos is Greek, and it means to shape or to mould. Plastic surgery has been done for centuries. In the traditional India, skin was grafted for the sake of reconstructing. In Rome, plastic surgery was used to repair and treat damaged ears…
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Reflectivity & appearance
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Extract of sample "Reflectivity & appearance"

Download file to see previous pages It comes in two forms. One is the cosmetics approach with is also known as aesthetics. This is the surgery that is based on improving certain body parts and features or changing some parts of the body. This is because we want those parts to look the way we want them to look, (CNN, 1999). It’s for beauty and general outlook. The second kind of plastic surgery is the reconstructive surgery which is done to restore some part of the body that has been damaged, (Soueid, 2012). This might have been occasioned by some occurrences like burns, bone fractures and other complicated problems. The reason why a person would want a damaged part of the body to be repaired is to enhance their looks and productivity, (Hettiaratchy & Griffiths, 2011). Personal appearance and productivity are not strange bedfellows. This is because good looks enhance a confident personality, (CNN, 1999). There are occasions that a deformation becomes extreme enough to destroy the personal confidence or even the self image. The main reason for a reconstructive surgery is to repair or even correct the problem of a certain malfunctioning part of the body, (Hettiaratchy & Griffiths, 2011). The aim here is to make the part work normally. This happens so that the normal working conditions of a person can be restored, (Siemionow & Klein, 2010). The personality of a person can be affected when some part of the body are not working normally. This is especially so if part of the body is publicly situated, (Stone, 2006). If the correction of the body leads to an improved self esteem, then it can be argued that it improves the personality and confidence. Personality confidence and improved appearance go hand in hand, (Soueid, 2012). Plastic surgeries are not related or even connected to the use of polymers or plastics or synthetics. When a patient undergoes the plastic surgery procedures, they are likely to have some psychological benefits, (Hettiaratchy & Griffiths, 2011). It must be noted that the issue of personality is completely mental. It therefore, becomes important to correct it using the perception of within the patients mind, (CNN, 1999). Plastic surgery procedure improves the self confidence and esteem, (Siemionow & Klein, 2010). This is because the new looks give those people confidence which is translated into how they relate with other people. Personal confidence is rarely about how other people view it. This is possibly why some people are strongly against it while others are form it, (Rinzler, 2009). The nature of plastic surgery is that it’s supposed to inspire confidence. It addresses the needs of people with a certain need for which they cannot take medicine or fix it in any other way. The people who go for this procedure obtain the desires they aim at. This leads to more comfort while dealing with others. This then, becomes a social factor that is positive, (Papel, 2009). Correcting mark from the face can cause a person to perform better. This also makes those who go for the plastic surgery procedure happier and more comfortable. Personality and individual productivity go hand in hand, (Hettiaratchy & Griffiths, 2011). Few people plan to undergo a plastic surgery; however it becomes hard to put up with a mulled image in case a misfortune happens, (Gunn, 2010). This is because we have a strong attachment to looks and appearance. Plastic surgery has some side effects. People opt to put up with the side effects rather than a damaged skin or body part. This who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflectivity & Appearance Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Reflectivity & Appearance Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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