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How To Create A Facebook Page And Computer Mediated Communication - Research Paper Example

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As the name implies, a computer mediated communication is a form of communication that takes place with the assistance of a computer as a mediator. In most cases therefore, there should be two or more computers involved. …
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How To Create A Facebook Page And Computer Mediated Communication
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Download file to see previous pages In most cases therefore, there should be two or more computers involved. The current page that was created was created based on the idea of computer mediated communication. Specifically, it was a Facebook Page. It would be noted from the presentation and the programming of the page that the Facebook Page makes the exchange of as many forms of messages as possible. These include text messages, video messages, audio messages and still graphics messages. The commonest form of messaging that takes place is however the use of text and pictures (still graphics). Through the Facebook Page, other online users of Facebook can be reached and communicated to. Those users must however accept the invitation of the host to communicate. In most cases, a friend request is sent to a person with whom the host wants to communicate. The invitee then accepts the friend request if he or she knows the host or is interested in the friendship. Once the acceptance is done, there can be inbox messaging, text chatting and video chatting between the two parties. Once a while, a user of Facebook can also post a message that can be viewed by all friends even if the message posted at a time those friends were offline. Overview of Specific Concepts that were utilized in the Page Creation Identity construction All people have identities in the very usual world in which we live in. once you meet a person, it is easier to identify the person by the kind of clothes, hair colour, facial shape and other things like that. In the same way, Estoisia et al (2009) note that computer mediated communication such as Facebook, “people are likewise identified by language in what they write, and how they choose to visually display themselves.” Identity construction therefore refers to the kind of identified image that a person gives to him or herself on the social network. Self disclosure Again as a characteristic of communication, it is virtually impossible to know everything about a person after just one encounter of communication. The ability to know more about a person therefore happens at a gradual pace and with time (Walther et al., 2008). The same is true with computer mediated communication whereby the disclosure that a person gives to him or herself on the Facebook Page created will happen on a gradual basis. As a matter of fact, one must follower a specific user for quite a long time to really come to terms with who that fellow truly is. Self Deception Social networks actually serve as platforms for which people create positive identities of themselves. For this reason, it often happens that one may deny the obvious positive facts about others so that they would keep a clean and flamboyant mental image about themselves. This indeed is the basis of self deception as Skeptic’s Dictionary (2012) states that “Self-deception, in short, is a way we justify false beliefs about ourselves to ourselves.” Privacy management In computer mediated communication, efforts are made to keep certain parts of a person’s life as private as possible because people who tend to be our friends on Facebook Pages are not necessarily people who really know and can trust. For this reason, it is always important to have privacy management features on the page to sieve the rate of information about a user that goes out to the public. Description of how Specific Concepts were utilized in the Page Creation In the present page that was created, identity construction was utilized in such a way that it would certainly take the host of the page the need to give certain basic information to identify the host as a user before the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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