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Reality Television - Global Effects - Essay Example

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Reality Television- Global Effects Name: Institution: Reality televisions are increasingly becoming popular with audiences across the global. For example, the season finale of the Block was Australians most watched television series since the Sydney Olympics in 200…
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Reality Television - Global Effects
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Download file to see previous pages Charlie Parsons, the creator of the Survivor series defines it as programs containing created and monitored producer environment that control the participants’ behavior (Benin 2012, p.24). Kerrie Murphy, a television reviewer claims that the reality shows involves filming the various actions and perceived reactions in a set situation. The situation can be a normal one, or a contrived one as is the case in the huge global hit big brother shows. Bignell defines it as a program where the true behavior of the ordinary people is the key focus of people’s interest. The greatest aspect is the continuous monitoring of the contestants everyday behavior. Reality shows are similar to the soap operas and documentaries. Other reality shows have features common with talk shows while some are talent quests. The main issue that separates reality shows from other genres that become based on real life participants is the focus on their thoughts and reactions to the situation they get situated (Benin 2012, p.24). Globally, a number of factors have contributed to the success of these reality shows include: Human curiosity the public is always curious to know the mysteries involved in the reality shows. The producers introduce new tricks and formats to keep the audience glued to the screens. Anything new gets noticed quickly, and this is what attracts the viewers. Entertainment value is another reason. Continuously watching movies cause the mind to be tired and bored. It is here that the reality show takes over. They are full of drama, celebrities, laughter and talent. The shows feature acts that fill the human mind with the formatted programs (Benin 2012, p.24). Aggressive marketing is another factor of the popularity of the reality television. The adverts create the attention of even the uninterested persons. This is what the advertisers want and is what influences us to watching these programs. Also, the belief in reality shows that they are seeing the reality as it is not different as the normal day routines. Having favorites programs is what makes the reality shows tick even more. Peer influence is another fact that trends in the reality show (Caryn 2003, p.17). Impact of reality television on TV industry and a global audience A number of critics view the reality television as a poison so injurious to TV and the society that it is totally destroying the TV. Globally, the ethics and morals of the reality television is questionable even if they go as far as achieving significant popularity and prominence in the society. This does not mean that they are agreeable to the community and that they should be aired. This show is damaging to the TV networks and society as a whole (Hummer 2004, p.41). Since reality television is a low cost way of telling creative and entertaining stories and attracts large audiences, it has become a headache to the scripted shows in television. They have forced the scripted shows to increase their creativity and try harder to attract their audiences. Sitcoms had gotten monotonous and repetitive, and there is nothing new on dramas apart from repetitions. Reality television took things a notch higher globally by giving the much needed spark in TV industry. Shows like Lost got created due to the same reason. The directors and producers became forced to cultivate new grounds and try more creative techniques and formats (Beth 2000, p.32). Reality television has been globally detrimental to the TV industry since it takes a lot of programming time leaving the scripted ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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