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Journalism and Communication - Black Henna - Research Paper Example

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The Black Henna
The use of the beauty product has over the recent years been documented as having adverse and detrimental health and physiological effects to the uses. This is majorly due to the biological effects that it has on the health of the skin and the way it affects the physical water retention and absorption of the skin of the users…
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Journalism and Communication - Black Henna
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Download file to see previous pages The media recently has had reports concerning the use of henna and demonizing almost all the types of henna in use presently. But it is worth noting with great concern that not all the henna in circulation today is not harmful to the users. Among the reported side effects of the henna are occurrences of sore skin, the continuous irritation of the skins and to some extents the complete damage and death of skin by drying up due to dehydration. Most of the issues of health safety are majorly common in relation to the black henna which is reported as having a chemical referred to as PPD which contains iron oxide a highly toxic chemical to the human skin with banns in the US and many other countries around the globe. Due to the chemical components of the black henna it offers detrimental ,biological effects to the human skin some of whom use the products without the knowledge of their adverse effects and the possible remedies out of the situations.
Historically it is reported that the black henna has been having components of high fecal matter, lead ,bacteria’s and colorants which have been great sources of bad health and to some extent even leading to the loss of lives of humans.
The supreme council of health enacted their ban on the use of these beauty products due to their general effects to the human health and the well being of human skin. The effects may be instantaneous, however in certain circumstances the effects are residual and may occur after a long duration of time later on in the lives of an individual. The ban of the use of the black henna is not only in the middle east but the government of the USA also effected a ban on the product ,both the black and the red henna by the customs. Unfortunately some of the products still find their way into the country as imports for use and large scale sales. Some of the elements of the black henna are have oxidants which great affect the red blood cells which do not have G6PD with the inability to fight the effects of these products. Due to the very critical purpose of the red blood cells for the transportation of oxygen in the human body, when the henna becomes extremely high, the ability and the functionality of the red blood cells become compromised hence can lead to death due to the compromising of the brain of the very necessary and adequate amounts of oxygen to support the functions of glycol sis of the brain. Cases of deaths from the use of black henna in the Emirates have been there ever since the early years. However due to some kind of secrecy within the culture of these people and the high male chauvinism, the cases have not been properly documented or reported for further and in-depth analysis and investigation. However recently there was a wide rumor of a girl who died after the over use of the black henna and the rumors about her death were reported to have been due to the adverse effects of the use of this product for a prolonged time span. Some cases of deaths due to the poisoning from black henna were equally reported in the Qatar and this subsequently lead to directives from the governments for the immediate sanctions and closures of all the salons involved and practicing similar business. Governments of the most of the middle east countries like Egypt ,The Emirates and Saudi Arabia have had to take drastic measures through their ministries of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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