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Harley Davidson Cultural impact of media on women - Research Paper Example

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Harley Davidson: Cultural Impact of Media on Women Name University Professor Course Date Harley Davidson: Cultural Impact of Media on Women Background Media have always produced significant effects upon the behavior and lives of people. Various media have been used to express what people think and feel as those serve as lines for communication…
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Harley Davidson Cultural impact of media on women
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Download file to see previous pages People are easily updated with the happenings around them through those media as writers, bloggers, newscasters and columnists relay the information to the viewers. Sometimes those relayed information may not be the whole truth at all as sometimes works of fiction do affect the rituals and culture of people. Massive influence may be achieved through mass media and sometimes those become the avenue for negativities in the society to flourish. The widespread of the influence of the negative practices in the society may be attributed to the media that may be intentional or unintentional. It is considered as intentional when people truly want to influence others with their deeds and beliefs that may pose risks and hazards to the society and considered as crimes. Other activities that may be seen in media but are not considered crimes but may challenge the border that separates the morally acceptable beliefs and immoral ones. The cases that may arise from mass media that are in the boundary of right and wrong are the issues of gender and sexuality, abortion, euthanasia, divorce, no religious affiliation, and roles in the society. In particular, the paper will talk about the effects of media to the lives of women especially in the cultural aspect. Harley Davidson would be the subject for the media effects on women as that company endorses motorcycles and how it blends into the culture of women. Then several questions may have arisen from the motorcycle craze and its influence on the female gender. Does it make women more masculine? Does it encourage violence and other negativities in the society? What are its other impacts? Does motorcycle craze give any positive influence to the society as a whole? Will gender roles be greatly affected? The three previous studies about the effects on women would include “Girl Power” and Participation in Macho Recreation: The Case of Female Harley Riders by Catherine Roster, Subcultures of Consumption: An Ethnography of the New Bikers by John Schouten and James McAlexander, and Examining Gender Images, Expectations, and Competence as Perceived Impediments to Personal, Academic and Career Development by Lorraine Wilgosh. The study of Roster talks about the women empowerment gained from the inclusion of some women in motorcycling sports which is played mainly by men. On the other hand, the study of Schouten and McAlexander goes into the culture of consumerism and an analysis was done on how it brings about the change in the society and behaviors of people especially for bikers. The last study was about the discrimination, stereotyping and societal imaging of what women should be and those effects upon the development of young girls. Other sources that will be used for the study are Older Women, Liberation and Lifestyles: Self-Care and Other Care, Depicting outlaw motorcycle club women using anchored and unanchored research methodologies, and Brand Morphing: Implications for Advertising Theory and Practice. Method The study was done by looking at the previous studies from background, methods to results, analysis and conclusion. It did not utilize primary sources and did not have any actual experimentation and first-hand data gathering as it relied purely on the theories and results laid down by the previous studies and reports. It made use of the six journal articles mentioned in the background section of the paper. Each source had its own contribution ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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