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Globalism - Good and Bad Characteristics - Research Paper Example

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Globalism – Good and Bad Characteristics Date Outline 1. Introduction and Thesis Statement 2. Positive Effects of Globalism 3. Negative Effects of Globalism 4. Conclusion Globalism – Good and Bad Characteristics Globalism is a word that is invariably used to mean considering the whole world as a unit…
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Globalism - Good and Bad Characteristics
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Download file to see previous pages Globalism is considered to be against, the American ideology and that they resent the policy and instead propagate consideration of the individual countries as separate entities. In some extreme references, the term globalism can be referred to as one world or world citizen or global citizen. With regard to this, my paper seeks to understand and report the socio-economic impacts of the globalism in the world and how it catalyzes coherency in culture. Third world countries have been alienated from the mainstream economic and social development in the international arena. Without the consideration of the global as a unit, the developing world has an uphill task to march and be commensurate to the ever dynamic and changing world. This is with regard to the policies that exist within the nations necessitating bilateral trade and other policies including extradition policies (Steger, 195). Globalism advocates for the equal consideration of nations and this is expected to spur rapid economic and avoidance of exploitation of the countries in the all important bilateral trade that takes place between countries. The extent of globalism has been manifested several instances, for example, the incorporation and engagement of the E-commerce in the international trade allows for the swift dissemination and transfer of information (Ambrose, Stephen, and Douglas, 99). In the same breadth, it is possible to at a glance have a comparative analysis of the goods prices and other services such that there is a standardized market rate for the products in the entire world. The Positive effects of Globalism Globalism also views the world as a single unit and that the individual countries are interdependent in developing the different specific economies of the individual countries. The fact that countries engage in a free economic zone that is deliberately established comes with different arrays of advantages and goodies. The different countries have a greater pool with which they can draw the new and contemporary technologies. Technology is in a state of improvement day by day, without the transfer of this knowledge in the most opportune time possible the extent o knowledge dissemination faces reasonable hurdles and this greatly impairs rapid development (Winant, 244). The problem of knowledge and technological dissemination is resolved forthwith through globalism. Globalism has also enabled the different countries to have diverse and a wide spectrum of goods and services. The a availability of the various products in the several markets around the world not only solve the problem of acute scarcity but also helps in stabilizing the prices worldwide and in the most cost effective prices (Powell, 202). The need for globalism has also resolved the problem of communication, communication has been made easier than before and the whole world can be looked as being flat and that people can access information and move closer to one another than ever before (Steger, 234). Communication is one of the most important tools in the contemporary society and no one can imagine of that the world can be a single unit. In this sense, we realize the role of the globalism in trying to harmonize and bring about consistency in the worlds way of perception. The Negative Effect of Globalism Globalism in as much as it brings the a plethora of positive values to the whole world and defines the world as a common unit that can be considered one, it also come ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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