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Communication Theory- Article Analysis - Essay Example

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Name Subject Tutor Date Analysis of Daniel Chornet-Roses’ “Using Students’ Prior Knowledge to Teach Social Penetration Theory” The Social Penetration Theory is one of the key communication theories as evidenced by its application in various research undertakings, criticism and intellectual debates…
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Communication Theory- Article Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Through a process of self-disclosure, communication gradually moves from shallow to intimate as a function of immediate and forecast outcomes as the interpersonal relationship develops. The movement from superficial to intimate levels follows the stages of; orientation, where superficial disclosure following social norms and appropriateness are made. The next stage- exploratory affective- entails moderate disclosure on general topics, followed by the affective stage where disclosure of private and personal matters takes place. The stable stage is a plateau level in which personal things are shared and emotions predicted, while the last stage- depenetration- entails a breakdown of the relationship following withdrawal of disclosure (Greene and Burleson 693; Gibbs, Ellison and Heino 152-177). This study analyzes Daniel Chornet-Roses’ “Using Students’ Prior Knowledge to Teach Social Penetration Theory” in terms of the main purpose, hypothesis, methodology and results before arriving at an appropriate conclusion on the implications of the Social Penetration Theory. Analysis “Using Students’ Prior Knowledge to Teach Social Penetration Theory” Chornet-Rose (150) acknowledges that appreciating student’s existing ideas and beliefs about a given subject enhances the experiences of learning. The scholar seeks to hone the student’s skills in analyzing information, inductive reasoning and self-reflection. To do this, the scholar plans to activate the prior knowledge of the students in relationship development through letting them watch the film Before Sunset. This will be followed by introducing the students to the intended new knowledge in Social Penetration Theory. Although not expressly stated, the hypothesis tested by the scholar is that acknowledging and incorporating the student’s prior knowledge into the classroom enhances student’s learning experience and outcomes. The researcher’s selected method comprises of four sections. First, the students were assigned to watch the film Before Sunset at home. The second activity is an in-class one, where the students were required to informally formulate a theory of relationship development through analyzing the film. The study provides a guide towards analysis and inductive creation of the relationship development theory through asking the students to pay close attention to; the type of information shared (superficial, important, intimate); the tone of conversation (serious, friendly, cheerful, angry); non-verbal communication (proxemics, eye behavior); and lastly, the accomplishments of their communicative interaction. The third activity entails a 75-minute in-class lesson introducing Social Penetration Theory, discussing the student’s relationship development theories with SPT and how SPT may be used to discuss relationship development in the theory. In the first 15-20 minutes, the instructor presents a lecture on Social Penetration Theory, highlighting its key concepts. In the next 10-15 minutes, the students discuss and contrast their informal theories with SPT while in small groups. The remainder of the lesson involves the instructor leading the class to discuss the students’ theories in relation to SPT and relationship development in the film. The final activity entails the students writing a paragraph on how their knowledge on relationship development has developed since learning SPT. The essay assignment is given as an end-of-class or ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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