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Individual Career Plan - Essay Example

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Individual Career Plan Name Institution Individual Career Plan Each and every person is governed by the essential components that they love to invest in for a very long time. This is what forms a career path for very many people all over the world. Careers are formed from hobbies, education and training, early exposure and in many instances, interaction…
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Individual Career Plan
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Download file to see previous pages The timely fashion that is required during all journalistic encounters ensures that events are relayed and communicated in the best possible way. This is the only way that all events and activities witnessed are communicated to all parties in the best possible way. Packaging is necessary in the field of journalism. This is because proper packaging ensures that all the information collected is as palatable as possible (Kobre 2008). The role of journalism cannot be ignored in any given society. This is because, at each and every point, the public interest in what is happening all over the world is very high. This is possible because of the aspects of journalism that look into the events all over the world. The coordination of information and pictures is able to communicate all the needed information about a situation. The condensation of information and pictures about any situation totals to journalism. This is the only way that the public is aware of their surroundings. Photojournalism Photojournalism is one area in the entire field of journalism. Each new story has the sole aim of communicating information. For it to appeal to all the involved parties, it is accompanied by still pictures and images that complement the story (Kobre 2008). As compared to all other forms of photography, photojournalism has been stipulated to follow certain ethical and pictorial considerations. They are entitled to remain as ethical and impartial to communicate the specifics of what should be reported. They complementary role that photojournalism plays has been reported to bring any story alive. Many people that have been interviewed in many researchers conclude that they watched and participated in news surveys as a result of what they watch. This is as compared to what they hear (Kobre 2008). Many life events were reversed as a result of what images were relayed to accompany a story. There are very many examples that show what the research concluded. The genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and the civil war in Sudan got worldwide attention as a result of chilling images that accompanied the stories. These are some few random examples from all over the world in line with the effects of photojournalism. It is imperative that, at each and every point the aspects of photojournalism should be governed by timeliness, narration and objectivity. This means that all pictures and images should be timely in how they complement the story line. This is through the introduction of a cutline. The images and pictures should also be very objective in the sense that the pictures should have a high sense of what the story line is about. Without the connection, they will be of absolutely no benefit to the story. The connection between the pictures and the story line is through the introduction of a narrative. Narration ensures that the audience is able to relate the story and picture. This creates a perfect view for all those that are watching (Kovach 2007). Job Description and Skills Profile Photojournalism entails the use and application of photographic equipment. The equipment has the ability to capture images as they appear. Once a photojournalist is in the zone, the camera is zoomed to view all aspects of what is being filmed. It is necessary for the journalist to zoom and project the image from all the necessary angles. Aspects of creativity come into sharp focus as any form of angle alteration could lead to the complete ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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