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Intrusion and Hidden Cameras/telephoto lenses - Research Paper Example

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Intrusion and Hidden Cameras/telephoto lenses Intrusion & Hidden Cameras “In the electronic age, raw data has become a valuable commodity—and the protection of personal information has become increasingly important to our sense of privacy”(Media Issues, 2010)…
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Intrusion and Hidden Cameras/telephoto lenses
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Download file to see previous pages In order to keep the viewers or readers interested always, media people engaged in sting operations in which they intrude into the private matters of the celebrities or politicians. Mobile phone technologies are improved a lot so that the conversations can be recorded from one end without giving any signals to the other end. The competition in media industry to raise the rating, quite often force them to sensationalize or fabricate news. These efforts quite often end up in unexpected results. For example, Britain’s celebrity princess Diana, King Charles’s former wife, forced to sacrifice her life because of the media people or paparazzi news makers’ effort to intrude in to the private life of Diana. This paper analyses questions such as; how media and the tools of the trade have been and can be guilty of intrusion; Are the media and those who use the tools of the trade such as private investigators protected in the eyes of law and Is it ethical or not for the media or those who use the tools of the trade to participate in what could be labeled as intrusion? How media and the tools of the trade have been and can be guilty of intrusion? As mentioned in the earlier example of Princess Diana, Media efforts quite often bring unwanted results. ...
And the men themselves vowed never to give evidence and said it was "wrong" to blame them for the accident. None of them was prepared to step into the witness box for the inquest (Allen, 2008). It is crystal clear to everyone that Diana’s car met with accident while the driver was trying to drive it fast in order to save Diana and her boyfriend from the paparazzi. Even though the driver consumed alcohol prior to the accident, even a layman can understand that he lost control in an effort to hide Diana from the eyes of chasing paparazzi news reporters. Another way of intrusion into the private lives of the people by media people is with the help of sting operations. “A Sting Operation is an operation designed to catch a person committing a crime by means of deception” (Sting Operation –To be or not to be?, 2007). “Sting operations may helpful to reveal corrupt officials and politicians and wrong doings of public life. However it can be used for blackmailing also”(Nageshwar, 2010). Mobile phone cameras are sound recorder facilities are used extensively to conduct sting operations. The media people establish strong relations with the person to whom they want to be victimized, prior to the sting operations. Then they will visit the person with all the required facilities and ask him questions about the victim’s private life which he may not reveal publicly under normal circumstances. The victim may reveal some secrets to the interviewer after taking him in confidence. The victim will know about the trap or the sting operation only after the offender publishes it on Medias. Sting operation is used extensively in all parts of the word to trap corrupted politicians and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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