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Identity Theft Computer Forensics to the Rescue - Research Paper Example

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The author of this essay "Identity Theft Computer Forensics to the Rescue" focuses on the identity theft and online consumer protection. As the text has it, they have become exceptionally significant areas in technological studies demanding special consideration…
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Identity Theft Computer Forensics to the Rescue
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Extract of sample "Identity Theft Computer Forensics to the Rescue"

Download file to see previous pages Then, social, ethical and moral issues regarding identity theft have been discussed. The report is summarized in a concluding paragraph. APA referencing has been used properly.
Identity theft is the crime that involves stealing of a person’s private information “in order to impersonate that person in a legal sense”, according to Vacca (137). When a person’s identity is stolen, he is at great risk of facing a terrifying number of monetary and individual dealings done in his name by the thief. Technology, along with its pros, has introduced exceedingly technical and chic means of acquiring someone’s basic identifying information. Whatever means the thief uses, identity theft brings great damage to the victim’s name and reputation as the victim is solely left responsible for whatever financial or personal loss he faces. One often has to reveal bits of his personal information while doing online transactions, such as his name, address, telephone number, bank information, credit card information, and etcetera. The thief, after stealing this information, can misuse it by, for instance, applying for loans in the victim’s name, changing his billing address, obtaining driving license, applying for jobs, applying for insurance or new banking accounts, getting authorization for electronic transfers by using the victim’s electronic signature, or any other fraud.
On the internet, identity theft is being accomplished using techniques like sending Trojan horses, which are destructive programs, into the computer system, and important passwords and useful information like social security number is transferred to the thief. Another way to steal an identity is email phishing. The victim is sent emails telling the victim that they are from so-and-so enterprise and scamming him by directing him to a fake website which asks for his personal information. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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