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Americans in Poverty Cannot Eat with Integrity - Essay Example

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Class Name: Date Assignment is due: Americans in Poverty Cannot Eat With Integrity About seventy five percent of Americans cannot eat food outside America because they take a lot of caution so as to ensure that they care for their health…
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Americans in Poverty Cannot Eat with Integrity
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Download file to see previous pages Many poor Americans cannot eat food with integrity because they do not like being seen as if they are poor yet they are poor. Even if they wish to eat with integrity, they do not know what to eat that will not affect their health. They want to associate themselves with the food taken by the high and the mighty in the nation (Ikerd). They decline from taking the best food that is free from intoxications brought about by preservation methods, processing and so many other processes food is passed through up to the point of being sold. In the process of transporting the processed food, there are various things done to the food which results in intoxication (Nielsen 31). The methods used to grow food also affect the quality of food hence making it harmful to the human health for instance, if genetically modified organisms were used. There are a lot of wastes from the industrial farming which affects the quality of the food people eat. This affects the conventions of producing integrity foods. The quality of food with integrity needs to be produced in consistent with the values of the community, beliefs and principles. This is not possible nowadays because there is a lot of inhumane handling of animal bred for food purposes. There are few people entrusted to handling food growth that is free from chemicals but none is focused to ensure they act upon the needs of the people. Americans shunned the foods with integrity because no fair treatment of food with integrity can be trusted. The people responsible for protesting or become citizen activists become silenced by the emerging giant industries producing such foods (Nielsen 30). The Americans have shown a preference for foods grown in the United States than from other regions. Most of the Americans capitalize on eating organic foods because they do not contain pesticide residues and other effects of farming effects but, it is hard to tell the difference with the GMOs. The genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are known to be harmful to the health or individuals (Ikerd). Whether the Americans are poor or not, they tend to be strict about the food they eat because they do not like contamination of the unhealthy food. They cannot eat food that have been killed humanely because they feel that meat from genetically modified organisms provide a means of maximizing exposure to the growth of antibiotics and hormones that are fed to animals. These antibiotics are given to animals under inhumane conditions and environment which is why they fear the meat even if it is killed in humane procedures (Eating with Integrity). American historical commitments into organic food influence how they consider the organic substances in relation to the inorganic or the genetically modified organism. They are committed to ensuring that the society has a healthy foundation by watching the food they take as well as the drinks (Ikerd). All this is done to build healthy communities and permanence within the society. The organic movement that is rampant in the country emphasizes of the health more than safety of the food (Ikerd). Because of the fact that people want to watch their health, they advocate for safe eating habits than taking of food with chemicals that can intoxicate their health. There is an international slow food movement which provides tangible evidence of the new global culture of food. The slow food is a worldwide movement that has more than eighty thousand members in one hundred countries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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