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The details pertaining to impending investigation will spread through two basic ways. The means include through the hierarchy and informal social groups. Informal and formal represent the core communication avenues in any institution…
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Hierarchical communication
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Short essay 2 Task: Q1 The details pertaining to impending investigation will spread through two basic ways. The means include through the hierarchy and informal social groups. Informal and formal represent the core communication avenues in any institution. This section of the write-up will address the two communication avenues, their strengths and cons. The first communication avenue for the e impending investigations will be via the hierarchy. The above channel provides a clear bureaucratic process via which details pertaining to a certain issue reach the subjects. Hierarchical communication has multiple strengths and cons. However, scholars are exceedingly critical of this method highlighting its underlying frailties, which consequently limit its efficacy. Notably, as the information gets to lower level of commands it undergoes editing. Editing configures the message subsequently, the details, which the lowest ranking subject receive represent a minimal proportion of the intended message. Additionally, in this communication avenue details get lost in the multiple administrative levels. Visibly, horizontal, downward and upward communications constitute the hierarchical avenue. Superiors misuse this communication form by providing contradicting details. Alternatively, junior are reluctant to communicate vividly since they are cautious not to offend their bosses. Informal communication provides an alternative to the initial avenue. Informal communication is critical in societal policing. However, the information undergoes multiple alterations. At the initial stages, the information is credible. Nonetheless, the information’s credibility deteriorates as it progresses to lower level of the administrative hierarchy. This represents the central weakness of this method. Informal communication is exceedingly rapid, unlike the initial avenue. A warden in the above scenario would require clarification from seniors. Therefore, the warden will get specific details pertaining to the impending investigations (Stojkovic, Kalinich & Klofas, 2011). Q2 The reference chapter identifies that failure of communication among the intelligence departments in the justice systems is the central cause of failure. Evidently, agencies have intentionally limited amount of information leaving the respective bodies. However, failure of communication among the agencies results in more harm. Subsequently, establishment of linking pins should be a priority. It is vital to establish linking pins since the justice agencies have stringent restrictions on circulation of data. However, linking pins will facilitate circulation of apposite details enabling consolidation of intelligence. Naturally, linking pins evolves but the secrecy among the intelligence agency deters development of the linking pins. The development of the linking pins would require the creation of committee containing high-ranking officials from all the integral agencies in the justice system. The official should have diverse knowledge on multiple justice matters. The committee should coin an agreement that require the different agencies to avail any information required by another agency in any judicial undertaking. The individuals serving as linking pins ought to bear proficiency in diverse matters. This would ensure that they have can comprehend the undertakings of fellow intelligence agencies. Recruitment of such linking pins would demand experience in the justice system. Furthermore, it would require an individual with apposite political skills. The political skill would enable the linking pin address interagency relations when seeking certain information. Cooperation of multiple agencies is daunting undertaking. Therefore, the linking pins require strategic positioning to boost their efficacy (Stojkovic, Kalinich & Klofas, 2011). Q3 Socializing is a fundamental element of any being. This aspect is procedural. Therefore, it progresses based on a timeline over certain levels. The process commences in the anticipatory phase. The entry of an individual into an entity marks this phase. Consequently, the new worker anticipates certain things relative to her/his expectation of the job. Similarly, in correction facilities, two factions predominantly influence the warden behaviour. Notably, close relations. Additionally, the senior administrators at the employment and prisoners also influence wardens. Prior to employment, the applicants undergo vetting. During this juncture, assessors analyze the qualifications of the potential wardens. The basic requirement is about three-year college education. The assessors undertake an in-depth evaluation of the applicant past to avoid infiltration of authorities by undesirable elements. Formal socialization represents the subsequent stage. Fundamentally, the activities undertaken in this juncture assist the warden to gain familiarity in the occupation. The recruit meets fellow employees, inmates and superiors. Moreover, the student undertakes on-job training. The training ensures the recruit understands the basic employment procedures. In the correction facility, the warden will study basic procedure of handling inmates. Informal socializing denotes the final stage. During this juncture, the warden encounter peers in the employment. The peers represent the individuals that the warden interacts with during the ordinary undertakings. Notably, this stage moulds an imperative aspect of the employee. This stage integrates the warden into the organization’s culture. Additionally, the warden also influences the organization via his/her own beliefs, personality and professionalism (Stojkovic, Kalinich & Klofas, 2011). Reference Stojkovic, S., Kalinich, S. & Klofas, J. (2011). Criminal justice organization administration. California, CA: Wadsworth. Read More
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