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Censorship in television and movies Like many other mediums of communication and media, television and other media devices like movies, are not free from restrictions and changes imposed by authorities and the governmental bodies…
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Censorship in Television and Movies
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Download file to see previous pages Hollywood has been influenced by the censorship requirements since as early as 1930s. The Hays Code may be termed as one of the earliest attempts made by the president of Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA) to bring a level of security, harmony and just expressionism within the field. Hays highlighted the issues which were or could impact the society negatively. Hays contributions were to hold back the nudity, sexuality, profanity, violence and the like factors which were eminent in the then media. The reputable position of Hays code pressurized the studios on accepting the codes and following them in order to stay in business. The studios also followed the code in order to avoid any boycotts against their studios which may have severe financial implications. To avoid any uncalled circumstances studios chose to follow the code requirements. During 1966 the social changes increased the censorship requirements at local and public level. The public responses led to the elimination of scenes which they found ethically, morally or socially harmful, boycotts against such movies or media content and refusal to show certain scenes. However, the censorship policies are somehow limiting the freedom of speech, expression and the freedom to take informed position due to lack of knowledge of the whole issue. Censorship limits the media content to show one side of the picture which is normally termed as the brighter side. Non-exposure to the social evils like sexuality issues, nudity and governmental and other corruption limits the thoughts and knowledge of the public regarding their own society which they have the power and ability to change (Bernstein 1999). One of the basic aims of censorship is to avoid the delicate matters like sexuality and sexual issues. People argue that sexuality and the related issues as exposed on the television and movies are having negative impact on our society. People are getting more and more conversant with sexuality and at an early age are sexually active due to media portrayal including the exposure in the movies and the television. However, it should be noted that knowing about an evil does not assure evil acts of the people. Knowing things help people in keeping themselves from such things and also educate them to combat situations where they may be harmed by them. Sexual education in the modern society is a crucial issue. People, and specially the younger generation, often risk their physical, social and mental wellbeing due to unawareness about unsafe sex and its consequences. The disease and the outcomes of sexual relationships which surround the lives of the individuals throughout their life span can be portrayed through movies and television content to increase awareness among the youth about the horrors of such acts. In response to the claims made in favor of censorship to avoid sexuality and related issues, it can be argued that media is used to educate people and increase their understanding which helps in reducing issues like HIV, abortions, maternal deaths, illegal children, single parent children and so on (Semonche 2007). Censorship clearly breaches the freedom of press, speech and expressionism. Placing limitations on the film makers and television programs directly influence their exposure of the reality which would have been otherwise exposed. Media plays a vital role in directing the thoughts and viewpoints of the public towards a certain goal. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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