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Higher ratings and wider range of the audience - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Higher ratings and wider range of the audience" identifies a number of successful shows of MBC aired locally and globally. Also, this paper sight some of the numbers of shows that succeeded way back in 1994 up to the present to prove the importance of the viable mentioned…
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Higher ratings and wider range of the audience
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Extract of sample "Higher ratings and wider range of the audience"

Download file to see previous pages The new late night show program has been aired for three months now but still suffers from low ratings. At first, we had high ratings because our program is officially the first late night show that directed and produced similarly to an American late-night show but then ratings went down from 16% to 7% during last three months. From the survey we conducted, the style of the production is unfamiliar to the viewers because they have not seen this style of the production before. To increase viewer ratings, the program needs more promotions and system that makes the audience engages in the program. For the above reasons, Taeho Kim assigned me to find ways to increase ratings and promote the program. Mr Kim gave me a set of criteria for the new system. First, the total budget allowed for the project is $15,000. Second, the new system must give the evidence that we have higher ratings and wider range of the audience. Third, the new system needs to be more cost-effective and has a long-term effect. Through the research I have conducted, three appropriate options were realized for the improvement of the program. Social networks, hiring of celebrities as co-host, and changing and improving the script are among the options that this paper will be dealing with. Locally, it is relevant to say that all these networks have the capacity to promote shows especially the late night shows and thus, could give people the idea and the knowledge of the advantages the viewers could get by watching the show. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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