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Moodle as a communication tool in CULC - Essay Example

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Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment or simply Moodle is an Open Source platform for e-learning.It is sometimes referred to as course management system or learning management system (LMS) which provides the basis for communication and learning tools which is created for the sole purpose of facilitating e-learning …
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Moodle as a communication tool in CULC
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Download file to see previous pages Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment or simply Moodle is an Open Source platform for e-learning. It is sometimes referred to as course management system or learning management system (LMS) which provides the basis for communication and learning tools which is created for the sole purpose of facilitating e-learning (Moodle, 2006). Given the popularity of Moodle, CULC also implemented the system across its campuses for the ease of students. Although many advantages are there of Moodle, it has been subjected to criticism as a communication tool in CULC. Critical Evaluation Moodle is an open source system which subjects it to many criticisms of being of this system. Open source systems as suggested by Petrus and Sanky (2007) are risky to implement because the modules used for such systems are not proven. It is also argued that open source software is costly to administer as it depends on continuous changing resources and evolving patches and upgrades. Such is the case with Moodle. Problems occur with Moodle during too much customization which makes it unable to be integrated with student information and administrations system, used as an administration model to support many departments and campuses at once, sophisticated capabilities for assessing and grading assignments and quizzes, and a complete proper software with navigating and learning materials (Cole and Foster, 2007). Moodle, on the surface, looks like an excellent learning system for CULC. Teachers and students can communicate with each other through this system. In addition, homework, assignments and quizzes can be set and completed online. The implementation of Moodle as a communication tool at CULC remains a critical issue. Any community needs followers without which it would be useless. Likewise, if no students contribute their knowledge to the discussions, the communication module of Moodle is useless. This is exactly the case in CULC. Students are not motivated to use Moodle as a communication tool because of which forums and discussions are closed for communication by default which is a technological error in Moodle. The feature of ‘quiz module’ is sometimes used to set assignments or homework which is distracting for students. An instructor sometimes sets quizzes, announces deadlines or assignments through this module which is failure of Moodle as a communication tool (Cole and Foster, 2007). Technical issues such as the quiz can be submitted for automatic marking as many times as possible even after the limits imposed by the instructor remains problem for the Moodle operators as it is still to be tested for adequacy (Cole and Foster, 2007). The features of forums and group discussions are not so important features of the Moodle on which much emphasis has been given by the creators of it as instructors already have the email lists for the students which allows them to communicate through the email (Petrus and Sanky, 2007). In addition to this, Petrus and Sanky (2007) also argue that resources, tutorials and documentation are not stored on the CULC Moodle which would not be so if placed on the campus websites. The major criticism that CULC Moodle has received is the underdeveloped Moodle websites and lack of time for improving the websites to provide the students with a more customized and fully functional website. Furthermore, many students are not fully adept to use the Moodle interface and prefer face-to-face communication as means of learning. Although many instructors are focusing on educating the students on the usage of Moodle, it will still take time for students to become completely adaptive to the e-learning environment (Moodle, 2006; Petrus and Sanky, 2007). So, Moodle although conceptually is a great idea to be used as a communication tool, there is still room for much improvement in terms of interfacial and technical issues as well as the way the students and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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