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FCC: Watchdog of Broadcast Media - Term Paper Example

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As the main communications overseer, the Federal Communications Commission has had its hands full since its inception in 1934. Its responsibilities run the gamut from the media, public safety and homeland security, to ensuring appropriate competition among communication entities to the newly developing thorn in its side, the internet. …
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FCC: Watchdog of Broadcast Media
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Download file to see previous pages The FCC, while begun as an agency to protect the public and ensure a protracted and valuable dissemination of information over the years, has become hogtied by laws that conflict with its mission, from political powers, social agendas and the capitalist state itself for whom business rules. Beyond radio and television broadcasting, the FCC is now negotiating the legalities of its position in regulating the internet and cyberspace--a legal entanglement that may prove far more complex if recent attempts to control the cable broadcast industry are any indicator. Complicated by he presence of regulators other than itself [local cable companies], the FCC tried to keep local regulators from seize [ing] no more than 5 to 10 percent of cable's gross revenues, a move sidestepped through the activity [legal] of “accept noncash payments, free wiring school systems and offering free channels to politically favored organizations”. Handcuffed by Congress, the FCC was eventually stripped of its power to negotiate franchise fee disputes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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