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Interview with a HR Director - Essay Example

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For this assignment, I have interviewed an HR Director. The person I interviewed was Mr. Alex Green, who happens to be the HR Director in a well reputed restaurant in my hometown. …
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Interview with a HR Director
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Download file to see previous pages Why I chose to interview an HR Director? People generally confuse HR Directors with HR Managers, and do not generally know the exact responsibilities of each of the two, and more precisely, the HR Director in the HR department of an organization. HR Director is also not talked about as frequently as HR Managers in the discussions of various HR professionals. I personally consulted a lot of resources to learn about the work of an HR Director. However, every time I tried, I got to listen or read about an HR Manager. Discussion about an HR Director is not as abundant as that of other HR professionals. Therefore, I considered interviewing an HR Director so that I could both enhance my personal understanding of an HR Director’s job, and share the information with others to enhance their knowledge about an HR Director. Questions of the interview: frequently used by an HR Director? ...
12. Although HR Director fundamentally assumes the role of a leader for the HR department, yet he/she also has to be a very good Manager to do the job perfectly, agree? 13. Where is the interface between leadership and management? 14. What HR roles, other than HR Director, have you played in your professional career so far? 15. How have those roles influenced your capabilities as an HR Director? 16. Is it recommendable for an individual to start directly from an HR Director’s post without a former experience in lower level HR jobs? The learning I gained: The fundamental responsibility of an HR Director is to monitor the activities of all the organization’s divisions. The HR Director communicates with the top management and devised strategies so as to enhance the organizational policies, practices and procedures as per the changing demands of the growing business and the altering business environment. An HR Director interviews employees, trains new workers, decides pay rates for different employees, and prepares organizational benefit plans. The HR Director also balances the general ledger (Jeffress). Occasionally, an HR Director may study the system of other organizations with a view to determining the competitive salaries and wages, and developing a modified and improvised recruiting campaign for hiring talented employees for the organization. In small scale businesses, the HR Directors frequently meet with the workers to learn their individualistic and collective concerns and resolve their issues to improve their performance. On the other hand, in large scale businesses, the duties of HR are distributed between different departments in order to achieve accuracy in work and make it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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