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Critical Analysis of the Authenticity of Adventure Racers Identities - Research Paper Example

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Critical Analysis of the Authenticity of Adventure Racers Identities Name: Institution: Critical Analysis of the Authenticity of Adventure Racers Identities Introduction This paper will make use of a critical analysis theory to examine what it is that makes the identity of adventure racers authentic in the sport…
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Critical Analysis of the Authenticity of Adventure Racers Identities
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Download file to see previous pages An examination of what it is that makes the identity of adventure racers in the sport authentic reveals that the characters involved in the sport usually depict a characteristic of resistance. This sport is self-sufficient, multidiscipline, multiday, non-stop, and it also involves a mixed gender team. This sport being a multiday sport requires that the racers master several outdoor skills. The racers are also required to develop skills on how to manage risks such as illness and injury. These are some of the factors that are seen to make the identity of adventure racers authentic in the sport. The racers are also required to get accustomed to harsh conditions such as the deprivation of sleep, extreme weather conditions, harsh terrains and weight loss (Brown and Eisenhardt, 1998). The distinctive Habitus theory and adventure racing This paper will use the distinctive Habitus theory to critically examine what makes adventure racers authentic in the sport. The Habitus theory will examine the embodied culture and link it with some of the new corporate cultures, and examine how they influence the authenticity of adventure racers identities. The analysis will be based on the concept of Pierre Bourdieu, which tends to be pivotal in the practice of authentic racing. According to this theory, adventure racing incorporates some schemes of disposition and these are some of the factors that make the identity of adventure racers authenti ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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