Websites of Three Airlines Companies - Assignment Example

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This paper declares that Information systems have always been important elements to an organization’s survival. With advances in information technology, an effective computer-based information system has become an essential business asset…
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Websites of Three Airlines Companies
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will review the websites of three airlines companies in relation to the way they managed their information with their web portals. By comparing the websites of Emirates Airways, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines, this paper will discuss information managing practices employed by these companies with the help of their websites.
The title in the website of Emirates Airways appeared interesting, attractive and mindboggling. The image with the title ‘Hello 2015’ was truly influencing a visitor’s confidence, expectation and value perception about the services the company would offer in coming years. There was another button near to this title- ‘Explore our special fares’ that will certainly catch almost everyone’s attraction towards air-fares. In the airline industry, perhaps one of the most important factors that affect competition is ‘fares’. Low-fare in the airline industry is an attraction. Both the main title and the button showing ‘explore our special services’ were linked to ‘featured Fares’ in a new a page. This title redirects a visitor to a detailed list showing various destinations and featured fares to travel to these destinations.
The title was really informative, because, a website visitor can easily go through various destinations available for traveling in all different continents along with different ranges of fares for these destinations. This table is given in Emirates website with a view to helping passengers or tour planners to discover new places and experience new adventures by taking the advantages of Emirate’s new special offers of attractive fares. This page provides 7 titles, destinations, starting fare, class, book by date, depart between date, fare conditions and start booking. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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