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Whether the Internet Is an Ally of Liberation or Not - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Whether the Internet Is an Ally of Liberation or Not” the author examines the system through which the connectivity of the people to the other billions of people at the distant places in this world is maintained. The Internet has a significant impact on modern society…
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Whether the Internet Is an Ally of Liberation or Not
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Extract of sample "Whether the Internet Is an Ally of Liberation or Not"

Download file to see previous pages This has also become the most important social need for an individual in order to get connected with other people through a virtual connection. Social media networking is one of the most popular aspects of the internet. It has been observed that the people in the modern-day are mostly involved in expressing their feelings and sharing vital information over the internet. The evolution of social media networking sites has further added to increase the ability of people to establish contact with family friends and others at the least possible costs. However, there is also a concern for the internet, especially social media networking sites like Facebook, blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn, among others. People over the internet using social media applications are widely engaged in performing numerous tasks with little restrictions. In other words, people enjoy greater flexibility and autonomy in expressing their views and thoughts with the use of the internet than any traditional source of communication (Fuchs, 2013). Contextually, the essay makes an argumentative study regarding the issue of whether the internet is an ally of liberation or not. In addition, the essay provides a rationale supporting either of the contentions.
In the modern-day context, the internet has highly influenced the lives of people throughout the world. This is also because of the liberty of the user that he/she possesses in expressing information on any content of his/her choice. Simultaneously, the user also has the liberty to access any information from the internet of his/her choice. This aspect can be observed in social media networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and various blogs. It is argued that the use of these social media tools offers users the liberty to express any information across the world at his/her own discretion.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Whether the Internet Is an Ally of Liberation or Not Assignment, n.d.)
Whether the Internet Is an Ally of Liberation or Not Assignment.
(Whether the Internet Is an Ally of Liberation or Not Assignment)
Whether the Internet Is an Ally of Liberation or Not Assignment.
“Whether the Internet Is an Ally of Liberation or Not Assignment”.
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